New Pages!


The new pages are : Add a sentence to the story <> Yay or Nay  <> Ruin the Wish <>
I have deleted:Cheats! <> Christmas list…..
Hopefully the three new pages will bring in more viewers and more comments.
Also I have gotten double the hits I usually get in a day because of our computer getting fixed and all this updating.

<>This is a sticky post<>
Does anyone have the like contact wordpress link around.I got their 24/7 link , but thats not what I’m looking for.


38 Responses to “New Pages!”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    Can someone please give me a link to wordpress like Help page or w/e.I need to tell them I need to be deleted from a blog and I need to ask them a question.

  2. 11pokemon11 Says:

    Yay! The new pages rock!


  3. Crysatal97 a.k.a. Crys Says:

    No idea lol

    Dear Friends!
    Tomorrow Morning I’ll be jetting off to New zealand! I’m here to say my final goodbyes! So BYE anyways, I’ll see ‘ya’ll in two weeks-if I can’t borrow a computer or an internet café- so BYE!
    I’ll miss you!

    shyshy6510:bye and whats a internet cafe

  4. bubba Says:

    plz let me bak!

    shyshy6510:nope sorry im am going solo after thegoldshine123’s time is up

  5. shawn1202 Says:

    Hi if you want the 600th commenter penguin after i finish the contest and nobody wins it i might put a mini contest for it!


  6. shawn1202 Says:

    Im just commenting back cuz im bored

    shyshy6510:well thanks that makes me feel a whole lot better NOT!

  7. shawn1202 Says:

    real bored

  8. snowy1900 Says:

    my party i today! can u come?

  9. shawn1202 Says:

    lol your welcome

  10. shawn1202 Says:

    my power was off for a bit 😀
    i was playing runescape then boom it went off!

  11. shawn1202 Says:

    why not add vending machine game?

    shyshy6510:because i dont like that one.

  12. Wbtpe Says:

    please add me to ur blogroll

    shyshy6510:sorry i have requirements and you dont meet them.sorry

  13. gardenax Says:

    A great way to start the new year. I’m working on this thing called Computer History. I save it in Microsoft word. I’m still working on it. A long story, dating back to when I began using computer.

  14. gardenax Says:

    I barely started on the beginning, it’s a special page coming out in 2009. It’s gonna be long so I’m gonna have to close the comments on that one.


  15. gardenax Says:

    Betcha you can’t make 500 more hits before the day closes.

    shyshy6510:I betcha I can’t lolz.

  16. gardenax Says:

    Heh Chobots. It’s almost like saying Chew Puppies. I guess that’s where Chewypup get the name. Do you think Chewy is an enemy to you.

    shyshy6510:Umm it depends.I don’t visit his site so I’m not giving him hits.

  17. gardenax Says:

    wow I’m registering on Chobots. I was almost gonna choose purple, it has cool colors. But I stick to Torquise or however you spell it.

    shyshy6510:you spelt it right lol.Also im blue and there is a free santa hat at the park

  18. gardenax Says:

    You should have a Rare Penguin or Code contest if you want more comments.

    shyshy6510:the rarest penguin I own is my penguin lol and I am constantly updating this other penguin that is like 150 days old and barely has anything.

  19. gardenax Says:

    I can give you a rare penguin you can use for a competition. I own 2 so far that I’ve won. I will give you a rare penguin when I win the next few competitions. I just find win a code contest first.

    shyshy6510:thanks i would say something else but you would probably never talk to me again.seeing it happens a lot that when i say something you like nvr talk to me again.

  20. gardenax Says:

    Lol it looks funny how they make the drawing. It reminds me of Gummy Bears.

    shyshy6510:lol thanks

  21. gardenax Says:

    Eww someone yelled (censored). Please censor this after you read it.

    shyshy6510:lol wht on binweevils , sifakaworld , or chobots? because on chobots someone called me an a** wipe!and they didnt get banned but when i private messaged someone it banned me for 5 minutes form talking because i said ‘compose’ WTF!I think mimo owns chobots

  22. gardenax Says:

    Well I still like CP better.

    shyshy6510:lolz it is always gonna be better

  23. gardenax Says:

    It’s been a month and I’ve made 9,000 Hits from 30,000. I’m suppose to be at 5,000.

    shyshy6510:oh cool

  24. caligirl998 Says:

    Hi gardenax ummm im cali so yeah havent really talked to u that much but im talking to u now! Lol! 😀

  25. gardenax Says:

    Lolz. And why is the date and time the same on Shyshy’s comments and stuff?

    shyshy6510:who knows

  26. clubjorga151 Says:

    Hey GO to my site now so we can chat on my Meebo!!!!

  27. gardenax Says:

    Define the word own on what you were saying on my blog. Did you mean Mimo created the game, he is famous there, or he is experienced at it.


  28. gardenax Says:

    Well, at least you censored it. Nochia’s party is in 1 hour. So lol Bubba want back in.

    shyshy6510:too bad bubba lolz

  29. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy the party is starting soon. We need to find more people to come to the party. Check on those chatboxes you go to, to see if anyone is on.

    shyshy6510:was gone for 6 days

  30. gardenax Says:


    shyshy6510:was gone for 6 days

  31. Ha Ha Thats Funey Says:

    the pages on your site our great and fun to play!

  32. gardenax Says:

    2 questions;

    Is Mimo really a mod there?
    How do you earn points or money?

    shyshy6510:idk about mimo and the site is stupid ad you play games to earn money/coins.

  33. Nochia1016 Says:

    I hope you can help me, on my site, I changed my theme for a bit but I don’t know how to put more pages at the top cuz I can’t, if I add a new one but it doesn’t show!!!

    shyshy6510:wow idk how to help you

  34. Dexter333 Says:

    shyshy u on chat??

    shyshy6510: obvi no lolz

  35. peachdesign Says:

    Hi Shyshy! Your header is finished! 🙂 You can see it at the Gallery on my website. Thank you for ordering! Happy New Year!



  36. gardenax Says:

    Oh not again! You’re not post again. Oh no call the cops. Lol jk.

    shyshy6510:sorry was gone for 6 days

  37. gardenax Says:

    I got so many things to tell you but I just will go easy.

    1) Omg I have this candy of Spongebob and it has Patrick yellow and Spongebob Pink.
    2) Why did you miss Nochia’s party yesterday? You were just here 20 minutes before it started!
    3) Nochia changed her Theme and added so many cool new stuff on her blog which I wish I could do if my parents aliowed me to get out of the house and do shopping every one in a while.
    4) My dead’s grandpa’s frickin’ birthday is tomorrow. And I don’t know what to do.
    5) And five golden rings!

    shyshy6510:Sorry about your grandpa , i think last year he died someone blogger gma or gpa died.I had to go to a Christmas party sorry while Nochia party going on(just cuz you like comment there 24/7 and support her 24/7 doesnt mean I exactly have too).Wow Nochia Nochia Nochia you’re supposed to be tellin me things i dk.

  38. Noel7123 Says:

    Check out my site for another rare penguin contest but this time I am giving away 2 penguins one is 1000 days old and the other is 750!

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