Orange Puffle???



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Guys, i have just heard from my uncles brothers girlfriend, who happens to work for Club Penguin, somehow i got her to show me a Sneak Peak no one has ever seen before! (Exept the Club Penguin Team of course, well here it is!


I cant belive it myself! an ORANGE Puffle! I dont know when it will be coming out but it will!

– Bomber2

Post from:  Burgers Rule’s CP Gang! 
Also check out my rumor page for more info about this topic!

Also today is the last day for the Christmas Party so visit the snow forts and the ski village before its too late!

There might be a new mission today (most likely) because look at this picture and the sign they have posted up for us PSA!


5 Responses to “Orange Puffle???”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. sa Says:

    is it really true?

    shyshy6510:who knows yet

  3. sa Says:

    I have 14 puffles!

    shyshy6510:you cant the limit is 12

  4. Greenoiscool Says:

    Uhh shyshy? A little strict dont you think?

  5. Greenoiscool Says:

    ask her if the team likes it when penguins blog about club penguin?

    shyshy6510:ask burgers

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