Happy New Year and Contest!


Happy New Year!

Please Participate!

I will change the contest to a comment contest.  Instead of giving a 1month mem, i have decided to let the winner become an author on my site.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Btw, my contest has been moved to http://www.thegoldshine123.wordpress.com !

~ Thegoldshine123



4 Responses to “Happy New Year and Contest!”

  1. caligirl998 Says:

    SHYSHY WHERE ARE YOU????????? GARGL FARGL!!!!!!!!! Lol ok bye!

    ~Cali 😀

    shyshy6510:was gone for 6 days

  2. Wexfief Says:

    Hey Shyshy! You won something on my site! You have to comment by tomorrow.
    Congrats Shyshy!
    shyshy6510:it was just 1,000 coins n/ serious

  3. peachdesign Says:

    Shyshy: What are you waiting for? Your header was finished a while ago and its in the Gallery on my website!

    shyshy6510:I am so sorry!

  4. gardenax Says:

    Lol you just want comments. LOL JK!

    Erm… Shyshy it’s so funny how everytime you miss a day of posting, the post get’s full of comments. It’s like not checking your mailbox for a couple of days and when you open it, a bunch of envelopes start flying at your face enough to fill up the pool. Imagine if it happened to me.

    shyshy6510:LoL and imagine what wold happen to Nochia.She gets comments like crazy!

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