Newspaper Issue #169


Shyshy6510 Here =-)

Here is the cover for the new newspaper.If it is a small picture that should be big always click it for the bigger picture.


It’s time to Dance

It’s time to dance.There will be a member party from January 15th-18th at the Nightclub for Members only.They will be introducing a new game at the nightclub , the better you boogie the better you score!

Superheroes Return 

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal will be returning because of their popularity?That was the worst play so far , I like the fairy tale one.

Aunt Arctic Column

Q.Where do penguins go for vacation , I think I need one?
A.The forest , beach and ski hill are great places depending on how you’re feeling and your choice of scenery.
Q.I’m trying to be the best cook ever , how do I make perfect pizzas?
A.Just follow the instructions on the board and the average shift is around 40 pizzas.P.S.Click the switch to turn to candy mode!


You can take your puffles places.The red puffle loves to catch the waves and your pink puffle loves to play Aqua Grabber and even helps you in too. 


This one is good , but not as good as last week!Click for bigger picture.


Here are the events , click for bigger picture. picture-81

Here to bring you the news at 


One Response to “Newspaper Issue #169”

  1. snowy1900 Says:

    i love the little cute puffle!

    shyshy6510:lol thnx

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