Might make new site


Shyshy6510 Here =-)

Hi as you can see by the title I might make a new site.The site will be mainly a graphic site where you order graphics from 4 different programs.The four programs are tux paint , basic paint , paint.net , and disney magic artist!The website will include a Home page with all the basics on the website and there will be 4 ordering pages and 1 pick-up page that will have the page divided into sections.The site might bloom into success just depending on how much people need stuff.Before I start the site though I will need someone to tell me how to take pictures like with the print screen SysRq button.Please help I will so appreciate it and give you a itsy bitsy little bit of advertisement on my site.My mom now has a computer and when I am over there will be the only time I can make things on basic paint , paint.net , and magic artist deluxe.I can make tux paint pictures both here and at my mom’s house.Please tell me how to make pictures using the Print Screen SysRq button and then aybe you could even throw in how to upload them to paint.net and basic paint!Maybe even some more fame from me , myself , and my site.

Here are the people who told me how to do it. http://caligirl998.wordpress.com and http://dexter333.wordpress.com

Anyone else who helps me will not get advertisement , but much appreciation.

New site might be coming to Town!


11 Responses to “Might make new site”

  1. caligirl998 Says:

    ok. Go to the URL where it just has the pic. nothing else. press the sysRq button, open paint then go to edit paste. start editing ur pic!

    ~cali g 998

    shyshy6510:Okay thanks

  2. gardenax Says:

    And let me guess. Thegoldshine is gonna be “half” owner to it?

    shyshy6510:Nope , On Feb.1st he gets kicked off here.Plus I know how to do this besides the paint stuff.I dont need him.https://shyshy6510.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

  3. Dexter333 Says:

    if its a PC 1 u could google it
    but if u dont want to press PrtSc, go into Paint, File then paste and your done….

    shyshy6510:it is either a gateway or a dell i forget

  4. Greeno Says:

    Go to lunapic.com for animations. Will you be hiring on your new site? ohh yeah and BTW I think you will like the rating i gave your site!

    shyshy6510:OMG that site is so awesome because I can size the picture.Do you have a site though were I can get an html for a pic.?

  5. Greeno Says:

    Try using imageshack.com Or let me do it.

  6. Greeno Says:

    BTW I Cant give out too much info from the judges post but i gave your site a ***********-+

    shyshy6510:k i removed it also you spelled it wrong lolz , thanks =-) 😳

  7. Greeno Says:


    shyshy6510;k thanks which button i press?

  8. ::Brett:: Says:

    Ur gettin a new site? Cool, I can help with stuff if ya want! Have fun with it! Make sure to tell me when it comes out!!!!

    shyshy6510:i already made it , i just have to figure out all this graphic stuff.

  9. Greeno Says:

    Can I help? I wont be a buthead!

    shyshy6510:I already made the new site , but I don’t know what to do!I can’t just make a picture on here like I can at my moms house.I cant even find a way to upload it onto paint!

  10. Greeno Says:

    I Ment eb an dmin… lol

    shyshy6510:i made the site , but like i can make a picture on tux or basic paint and i have NO clue how to get a URL for it.Like I can upload stuff to paint , but how do I get a URL or HTML code for something that really doesn’t exist.

  11. Greeno Says:

    I meant be an admin…

    shyshy6510:didnt you get my comment?

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