*New Newspaper*


Shyshy6510 Here =-)

Hi well there is a new newspaper today and I have no school.We were supposed to get five inches , but probably only got like maybe three or four.It is zero degrees and the windshield is very low , which is the main reason we don’t have school.Well here is the new newspaper.
Dance-a-thon member party.

Gain access to the rooftop of the Night Club and special access in.Hang out with DJ Cadence and discover a new groove and a new game.
Winter Fiesta.

CP annual winter fiesta starts January 23rd , 2009.Try on something colorful and groove to the salsa music.In February a couple of drawings will be turned into ice sculptures and displayed in the forest.You wanna know about the AC3000 here is the scoop : G invented it to store snow from previous parties to use in the next parties. 
Aunt Arctic Column.

Q.Why did you choose the name Aunt Arctic?
A.Well my name explains who I am , caring , approachable , helpful , and it sounds like the Antarctic.
Q.I want a fluffy fish , how do I get one?
A.Fluffy the dish pops up about 10 times all over the island.The best way to get a fish is to get some bait and wait.Wanna catch silver fish , you need a special pole.Wanna catch fluffy you need a worm.Wanna catch a mullet you need fluffy as bait.

Here is one of the secrets that will help you bring in some cash to buy the thing you have been waiting for.Before you hit start in Pizzatron 3000 hit the red switch under the conveyor belt and cheese turns to frosting and more! 

Click for a bigger picture.
Click for a bigger picture.

The dance-a-thon party has not started yet.

Here to bring you the news at https://shyshy6510.wordpress.com


4 Responses to “*New Newspaper*”

  1. Greeno Says:

    I Could make HTML For you…

    shyshy6510:umm okay i guess whenever i need an html I’ll just e-mail you then

  2. ¨"°º¤juanuaci¸„ø¤º°"¨ Says:

    doea thid work??


  3. ¨"°º¤juanuaci¸„ø¤º°"¨ Says:




  4. ¨"°º¤juanuaci¸„ø¤º°"¨ Says:

    i was just testing the center thing on here


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