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Shyshy6510 Here =-)

Hi , there are some new things today.Well there is a new pin which is a taco and is currently located at the snow forts.It is under the clock tower.Also there is the new furniture catalog out today.There are only two cheats.Press the terracota sun for the superhero stage poster and press the velvet rope for the welcome mat.Also the website (graphic) has like sorta been cancelled.I made it at http://shysgraphics.wordpress.com .Greeno made me the header and I had to change the theme for it to fit.Well um I am having trouble I now know how to put pictures I made onto paint using the print screen sysrq button , but I don’t know how to upload them unfortunately.If I knew how to upload a picture from paint to wordpress the blog could be made easily.Also I am going to toys r’ us on Saturday most likely and if the stuff isn’t sold out I will be buying a coin code.The coin code will be given away.Remember some peiople

already have extra comments just for coming to my party./

21 Responses to “*news stufff*”

  1. orngyee Says:

    Hey comment back!

    shyshy6510:if you tell me to comment back i will not.already discussed that.whats the point of saying hey , might as well not even comment.

    • empleongirl Says:

      This is the responce to that comment u put on my site 🙂

      np shyshy ur like my bff on wp. oh and thats my moms email…… dont worry i’ll explain it to her if she sees it.


      shyshy6510:OMG I am so sorry , usually like ummm if you have that e-mail down then umm it is yours.i am so sorry.tell her that you signed up for something and you needed the password they sent you.

      • empleongirl Says:

        oh thats ok. LOL my mom gets like 40 junk emails a day so she’ll probably think that it’s just a regular junk email, no offence thats just what she would think. 🙂 u rock shyshy

  2. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy, how come you have that “Don’t Click Here” widget. It’s so annoying sometimes. But lol, even though I know what it was I sometimes go on it for fun. But I just hate it cause it kills time.

  3. caligirl998 Says:

    Is it seriously a taco? wow lol! If it doesnt have a url try copy paste. Oh and thanks for ur apoligy!


    P.S. I blocked u when i was mad (sorry) ill add u back right now try emailing me see if that works. 😀

    shyshy6510:why’d ya block me.u and dex the only reasons i get on.wow i feel a whole lot ‘better’.

  4. caligirl998 Says:

    Ok i added u back!

    shyshy6510:k thanks

  5. ♪ Mâtt™ ♪ Says:

    Cool Post!
    My site is getting more random! 😆 (Kinda’)
    So, could you please comment Back @
    (link removed)


    shyshy6510:dont ask for me to comment back.just bc i dont know you ill comment back but now you’re warned lol.

  6. gardenax Says:

    You know what’s weird? Whenever I see a person with 34,000 hits or something, I think the first time that they have more hits than me. Then I realize I have more hits than them. It’s like I’m used to the past. Past when I had 10,000 Hits. Ah, the good old days. What if 4,500. Pie. If I can go back to over a year ago and changed it, I would’ve never met anybody here. I would’ve still been Ast7112, starjewel4, teenteam, and all these past pengys.

    shyshy6510:Who are the past pengys anyway?

  7. Wexfief Says:

    I am having a dance party. This isn’t my 5,000 hits party. Here’s the info.

    When: Saturday Jan. 17, 2009

    Where: Sleet, Town

    Time: 11 AM PST

    Hope you can come!


    shyshy6510:ill try

  8. gardenax Says:

    Lol Shyshy, you seriously don’t know what a Filipino is? JK. No really, did you notice the Calender on my blog looks almost like a checker board. Well that’s what I’m doing for the next 6 months.

    shyshy6510:wow now i know only to check on certain days.and i know what a filipino is now , we were studying China and the phillipines are like SE of it.

  9. Dexter333 Says:

    shyshy watch that video

    Ghostbuster/Be Kind Rewind


    very funny

    shyshy6510:it isn’t funny Dex……..It is HILARS!My grandma rented that movie and it is hilarious , they do robocops and a couple of other ones.

  10. ::Brett:: Says:

    Roger Rabbit is cool, and funny! Go ACNE! 😆 Oh and my site’s no HE double hockey sticks lol, I should’ve put 2! :mrgreen:

    shyshy6510:LOL you put Acne it is Acme!LOL.ROFL

  11. ::Brett:: Says:

    U think my pics look like pro’s? TY, I guess i am doing it all right 😆

    shyshy6510:LOL yeah

  12. ::Brett:: Says:

    hy, Matt’s my buddy, lol, he likes to advertise alot though, watch him!


  13. caligirl998 Says:

    Hey shy! Im having my 3000 hits party, and im hoping you could be a part of it. Im new to this thing, so tell me if im having it too early and tell me if you can come. If you can, you will be put on a “special appearences from:” list! Ok, here is the info!


    OMG good job everybody! Yay 3000 hits! I hope you will all come to my party. Here is the info:

    Why: Hmmm. I dont know, I just randomly want to have a party. DUH!!! 3000 HITS!!!!
    When: Sunday, January 18th, 2009 (AKA Tomorrow) 2:00 PM Club Penguin Time
    Where: Polar Bear (4th Page), starts at the Dock, but we will be moving around!

    Cali’s Penguin: Luaugirl999

    Virgo – Girl’s Penguin: Nbabar

    Skater’s Penguin: Cooldog74

    Girls, wear light blue, boys, wear dark blue!

    ~Cali 😀

    P.S. For more info, click my name! 😉

    shyshy6510:i can come

  14. caligirl998 Says:



  15. gardenax Says:

    Haah, I can’t find that post you made where the penguin threatened another penguin for an orange belt in the coffee shop. He used a mop, pizza sauce, and other stuff. It was like a comic from cp.

    shyshy6510:ummm…okay x 2843246

  16. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy, I got a question. You know the link to your exact chat? How do you get it to be xat.com/shyshy6510 instead of numbers on the link?

    shyshy6510:cause I got secrets

  17. Dexter333 Says:


    lots of secrets….

    shyshy6510:lots and lots and lto and lots , even ones about certain people you know very well (talking to dex).

  18. caligirl998 Says:

    lol good answer!

    shyshy6510:LOLZ me no tell no one

  19. umphulump55 Says:

    I found your pin! Yum tacos…

    shyshy6510:lol , weird pin , but it is for winter fiesta party

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