Shyshy6510 Here =-)

OMG me and Caligirl998 aka luaagirl998 found DJ Cadence thanks to Straw000’s tracker.Me and her were on gmail chat for like an hour going to almost full servers.I told her about Straw’s new tracker and she said she would check it out.It would’nt show up for me so I just hoped it would for her.So anyways she refreshed the page and it said Snowbound Nightclub.We went there and there were only 3 bars filled so we were like that tracker sucks , but then when we got in the nightclub there were already people surrounding her!We were so happy and the excitement lasted for quite a while!Seeing I have never met Rockhopper or Gary (halloween party) I was quite happy!

*Thanks Straw*

I am going to Toys R Us tomorrow so you guys better hope that there are clubpenguin items.Just hope!I won 14$ from a Lotto ticket and I got 7 of it and plus I have 5$ , I could buy two things.A coin code for me and one for the site.

12 Responses to “OMG”

  1. Crysatal97 a.k.a. Crys Says:

    wat is the tracker link?

    shyshy6510:ill comment at ur site

  2. Dexter333 Says:

    wow your sooo lucky!!im goen to find her now!!


  3. caligirl998 Says:


  4. caligirl998 Says:

    lol!!! its so hilarious just forget the aka thing. LOL


  5. Dexter333 Says:

    i found her too


  6. ::Brett:: Says:

    I posted my Ghost Story! Check it, Check it! 😉


  7. bubba1960 Says:

    you might be interested in this swf

    shyshy6510:it is so weird!lol

  8. gardenax Says:

    Wtf? I played this new game from Maid Marian, well technically not new. Just a version 2. It was updated. The name of the game is Tank Ball. It’s so cool! It’s the part where you bomb people.

    When you log on the computer chooses your team. But you can still choose your color. The teams are: Blue, Red, Green, and White. It’s so funny. Like it’s in 3D.

    And if you hit CTRL you can bomb people. If you collect those rainbow stars or cubes you are able to use them are bombs and you can shoot them as people for multy points. Use your arrows to move your keyboard. It’s so friggin’ awesome!

    The link is , just in case. But you don’t have to try it if you don’t want to.

    shyshy6510:umm thats a-okay i have a lot of stuff to do lol.maybe in my free time ill try it.

  9. cpwoton Says:

    I like your site so much!
    May I please be on your blogroll!

    My blog is: (link removed) and it has over 100,000 hits!
    Can you add me to your blogroll with the name Cpwoton’s Club Penguin Cheats.
    If you could, thanks!

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    Anyone can be added to their.

    Also if you want me to work on your blog, my email is (email removed)
    – I am capable of posting updates for you right when they happen.

    Anyways, if you post about my site, and add me to your blogroll, I might add you to my main blogroll, but thats a might!

    Keep up the great work, have a fun day, and comment back on my site! Please be sure to visit everyday, I post cool cheats!


    shyshy6510:OK!LOL I have been added to your ultimate links , when I hit 40,000 I’ll ask for your regular one.

  10. cpwoton Says:

    Sorry! I didn’t relealize you already had me on your blogroll!



    shyshy6510:LOL I understand totally.

  11. gardenax Says:

    Haah wow, everybody is advertizing on my blog today. That’s awfully strange.


  12. gardenax Says:

    Nah, I don’t have to worry about posting for the next few days. I got them scheduled. I scheduled this post and it came out early. It’s coming in 20-40 minutes

    shyshy6510:oh , okay

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