Shyshy6510 Here =-)

Today is MLK day and I don’t have school because of it.MLK means Martin Luther King – Jr.He helped with the civil rights movement and he helped demolish slavery.
Since the guy was so significant google has changed their picture. . Check it out and if you live in the U.S.A. you probably know about it , but if you don’t then you probably don’t.I have school tomorrow , some of my friends don’t like my sister.Barack Obama becomes the president tomorrow and that is when the KPP page will be deleted.I’ll tell you about inauguration day at our school tomorrow!

The report is in and we’re out!


4 Responses to “MLK DAY”

  1. dexter333 Says:


  2. ::Brett:: Says:

    MLK day rocks! No schoooooooooL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510: lol i wish MLK lasted for two days!

  3. ::Brett:: Says:

    I might not have no school 2morow cuz of snow, snow in NC??? Wow!!!!!!

    shyshy6510: awesome! it got up to 20 degrees today so most likely we will have school tomorrow

  4. ♫♥☺11pokemon11♫♥☺ Says:

    First, when i read it, I thought it said MILK day. LOL. Then, I thought, what day is it? Then it came to me! It was Martin Luther King Jr.’s day. LOL!

    shyshy6510: LOL MILK day , drink that milk and get that calcium! =-( me so bored

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