You are gonna love this guys!


Happy Shyshy6510 here =-)

Okay well today I went back to my mom’s house.We left at 2pm EST time and went to Toys R us!My sister got to spend 150$ on whatever she wanted to (so lucky) because my mom thought that would be a way better christmas present.So anyways my sister spent 130$ on all BABY stuff , Graco playpen – diaper bag – stroller – bouncer – diaper changing station.She also got a ‘You and Me’ baby doll that speaks – five outfits for baby – bath station – crib – and a pair of shoes!She was so happy and excited we put all the stuff together when we got home.What I got was four mini clubpenguin people that came in two packages.It came with two coin codes!You know what that means , coin code contest.The info is in the above post (making next) that will be stickied.Info will be in that post.I used one of the coin codes that unlocked two items from the Series 1 book.Sorry if you wanted Series 2 , but oh well I spent like 14$ on that and that was all they had.Info in the above post , please enter!

here are pictures of the items!

The extra items that came with this was coin code,chair for space penguin,and cape for SG penguin.
picture-132Extra items that came with this were Switch Box3000 for reporter penguin and coin code. 

Also DID YOU KNOW that Clubpenguin has came out with yet another thing.I saw it there.It is a sleeping bag , it is shaped like a long rectangular igloo and is a sleeping bag.
Please visit graphic site at


4 Responses to “You are gonna love this guys!”

  1. caligirl998 Says:


  2. umphulump55 Says:


  3. ♫♥☺11pokemon11♫♥☺ Says:

    Lucky! >_<


  4. Makee3 Says:

    ShyShy The Contest On My Site Is Being Called Off On Account To Non-Rareness.
    I Will Make It Rare In About 200 Days. Sorry If You Tryed A Long Time Commenting.

    shyshy6510 okay np

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