~I am here now~


Edward is drop dead gorgeous shyshy6510!

Well yesterday when I made that post I was on a mere 84 pages.I am now on page 305!I have been reading like a lunatic and almost fell in class because of what happened near the 280 pages in the first twilight book!It was crazy.I am on and near the part where they are talking about his sister and brothers wedding or whatever and she is seeing if  they could ever be together.

This book is a must-get book and will have your heart racing for more.

My math teacher Mr.H(**********)(rest of his last name) read all of them.He said the first one is the best but after that te rest get dull and boring.He was reading the last one and he said it was the most boring and nothing really unexpected happened.So I am still looking forward to reading them and hoping I am not wasting my time.I LoVe Edward in the book , but the person they have playing him isn’t really drop-DEAD gorgeous! 

happy as ever shyshy6510


One Response to “~I am here now~”

  1. drkshadow17 Says:

    ONG!! A GUY MATH TEACHER READ THE TWILIGHT SAGA?? EVEN BREAKING DAWN!! OMG! IF GUYS IN MY GRADE READ TWILIGHT………:shock: well,hes right. Twilight is the best in the whole series!!

    shyshy6510: lol ONG! yeah he read them.we think he is a freak math teacher because whenever we come to his desk he puts his laptop down.we think he is watching something nasty if ya get my drift.

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