*newspaper issue #171*


Shyshy6510 here =-)

The new newspaper is here and here are the main highlights.

Front Page
Click for a bigger image.
La Gran Fiesta!
January 23rd starts the La Gran Fiesta!It is a once a year party and remember there will be a Barbeque at the Dock and pick up the latest fashions at your Gift Shop.
Parties Done But The Dance Goes On
Keep dancing.They are planning for the Dance Contest game to stick around for quite a while.Purple puffles love to dance so bring them with you to and watch them groove.Only members can play multiplayer but for now non-members can practice their moves on solo and try to get a membership.
Aunt Arctic Column
Q.How do I throw a really awesome igloo party?
A.Most parties usually have a theme so try to plan a theme like a cafe,puffle party,or even a birthday party!Even try to get your buds to wear some fancy clothes that suit the party.Try to put out food and many decorations and don’t forget to send out postcards!Even open your igloo to the public.
Q.Is the sensei always going to be at the dojo or will he leave?
A.He was discovered at the Dojo , but to be true we really don’t know if he is staying.
A couple of places in clubpenguin require special access here are a few.
Captain’s Quarters. You’ll need a special key/pin ‘Book’ some time to find it.
-HQ.Only PSA agents can enter and if you’re an ‘Elite’ agent you get a special room yourself.
-Ninja Hideout.You must get your ninja mask for this one.

picture-17Click for a bigger image.


Where oh where did the wig catalog go?



3 Responses to “*newspaper issue #171*”

  1. ::Brett:: Says:

    To Make your posts/pages different colors:
    1. go to make/edit a post/page
    2. click the button buy the “add pics and stuff” (button has like 12 dots in 2 rows or something)
    3. now there are more buttons, click the one with letter A
    4. select a color
    did that help? lol, i swithcing between sites, so it spellled wrong sry!1

    shyshy6510: lolz that helped a lot maybe I’ll go some crazy color for some crazy funky colored posts.

  2. Dexter333 Says:

    im making a music video,
    any of my friends online that have my email address can email me if the want to be in it……

    (email me before sunday)!!!

    shyshy6510: okay

  3. snowy1900 Says:

    nice post!

    shyshy6510:thnx =-)

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