super freaking happy as you know what shyshy6510 here!

Okay well you know how I had Twilight on hold for like a month.I was number 129 out of 174 and there were 64 books.Today we went to the library with my language arts class (school library) and OMG they had 2 yes 2 in stock!I have been reading the book since like 1:00pm EST time because I snuck it into Band and was reading it when he was testing the flutes and trombones! OMG I am so happy! I know I have said Edward Cullen was ugly in the past , but the person who plays him is!In the book he sounds irrestibility freaking HOT ON FIRE! I love it when he doesn’t sit with the Hales and the Cullens , but insteads sit nearer towards Bella and put his arms up and wiggles his finger like in wa way to say come over here.And then he winked!OMG if a guy did that to me in the cafeteria that sounded as good looking as Edward I would go boy crazy (which I already am) and OMG I would probably faint!He sounds so oooooo-la-la!

Whether not human or not I would still ADORE HIM!

In love with Edward Cullen (book) and Taylor Lautner (real)!

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8 Responses to “~TWILIGHT BABY~”

  1. Greeno Says:

    Im on page 168 This girl i like is on page 115

    shyshy6510: 115 is about the beach and pelicans?

  2. caligirl998 Says:

    i did ??? i dont remember that! sorry. you should still make posts!

    shyshy6510: okay I’ll make one tomorrow I got to catch up with readin twilight

  3. caligirl998 Says:


  4. Greeno Says:

    Book 1 or 2?

    shyshy6510: twilight if it was 2 i wouldv’e said whatever that one was.there is only one labeled twilight. book 1

  5. Dexter333 Says:

    ive never read the book but ive seen he movie….

    shyshy6510: omg the book is amazing!

  6. drkshadow17 Says:

    i agree with you 100% about the guy who plays Edward 😀 (pplz i kno r like in love wit him :roll:) AWESOME TWILIGHT POST!! I started laughing when i read the part about him sitting away from the cullens and waving his finger and winking ’cause bella was probably like “:o !! “and “???????” at the same time.Edward was probably enjoying himself 🙂

    shyshy6510:I know for real.Edward isn’t cute in the movie but if the movie stays true to the book then wow thats one heck of a movie!

  7. virgogirlx3 Says:

    now you see what i have been in ❤ with? lol…

    shyshy6510:yeah i see now

  8. bella smith Says:

    yep you guys are creeps :-)P oh my god u guys are opsessed with twilight but your cool because twilight is a very good book now the author needs to get to work on that midnight sun because i wanna read it and it cant finish it’s self so yea goodbye im in school and i got to work on my home work!

    shyshy6510: MIDNIGHT SUN????Theres a 5th boook!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG

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