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Well before I talk about clubpenguin I am getting the second twilight book , New Moon.I am like 155 out of 155 holds and there are 49 books.I am 2 out of 2 holds at school and there is 1 book.I almost cried in class when I thought about how boring my weekend was going to be not going to be able to think about glorious Edward and reading about him.To tell you the truth I was devastated!
CHEAT-Press Cadence’s head when going to pick a difficulty level (easy.medium.hard.)  and you’ll be on expert mode!Also bring your purple puffle with you while playing and they’ll groove to the beat.

Free Items

There is a free mini sombrero.Don’t expect me to be wearing it anytime soon lol.It is at the cove.
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Here are the two most recent posts.

Hello Penguins!

The Fiesta-val is heating up the island and we hope you’re loving the new party!! The team’s made lots of things they hope you’ll find ways to be creative with. Did you see the food stands? Grab the free item? 

Let us know if you’ve found something that’s your favorite at the party! And remember – this Fiesta-val goes until Sunday, January 25, so enjoy!

Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on January 23 2009 12:16 | Comments (0)


Hi Everyone! Screenhog here.

The Night Club is one of the oldest rooms in Club Penguin, dating back to the very beginning. Since the start of Club Penguin, making our penguins dance has been a popular activity. Lots of you asked for it, so it seemed only natural that we introduce a dance game that included a multiplayer mode.

I wanted to show you a sketch from way back when we were first designing the Dance Contest game:BreakdanceImage[1].jpg
If you get to this part in the game, you can see what it looks like now – With, of course, some color and animation…! Let us know what you think.

Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on January 22 2009 10:05 | Comments (50)
Waddle On and have a FANTASTICAL WEEKEND!
This is SOOOOOO  dreadful!I would buy the book if I had the money,because like I so wanna read it.I am going crazy.I might make a post about how to tell if someone is a vampire , but I don’t now yet.Also remember to enter the contest! I NEED NEW MOON! 
checkout the party pic page to see the pics! (UPDATING NOW)



43 Responses to “FIESTA PARTY”

  1. 123kde Says:

    on your most recent comment where it says im preppy wheile im not i only dress like it cause they make my fav type of sweatshirts

  2. 123kde Says:

    shyshy my mom read all of the books and edward really isnt in the second one soooo…

  3. empleongirl Says:

    look at my first post on my site. 😦 bye everyone i’ll miss you.

    Kingdom hearts

    I ♥ Axel

    shyshy6510:I’ll check a.s.a.p

  4. makee3 Says:

    I Think The Hat Is The Worst Free Item Yet.

    shyshy6510: lol it is pretty ugly.they shoudlve gave out a mexican outfit.

  5. ::Brett:: Says:

    lol u liked 2 bloggers, now they dating each other? lol, ok heres the url icon thingy:
    1. go onto wp acc.
    2. go down to we’re settings r and select general
    3. there’s a blog pic. spot on the right
    4. upload any pic and crop it and sooner or later it will show up by ur url!

    Wow, I think i should make a page with all this good stuff on it 😆 I might do dat… 😛

    shyshy6510:lol thanks much appreciated

  6. Makee3 Says:

    Like A Mutsacheo Or Something Lol

    shyshy6510: lol

  7. gardenax Says:

    No *throws snowball*

    shyshy6510: lol why weren’t you talking

  8. Dexter333 Says:

    go on gmail shyshy

    shyshy6510:i was there duh’ lolz

  9. gearstvcp Says:




    shyshy6510: that’s okay

  10. drkshadow17 Says:

    sorry if you get sad or didnt hear….but New Moon has barely any Edward in it. People notice Charlisle isnt aging or any of the cullen so they move away and edward leaves bella… it to find out what happens!!

    shyshy6510:wow thanks for ruining the whole book for eternally mad

  11. ::Brett:: Says:

    Dude, check this out:
    It really works, I found out who has a crush back on me! It’s amazing! Try It! 😆 Heh heh!

    shyshy6510:dude i hate you-dont tell anyone!

  12. snowy1900 Says:

    -edited out-

    shyshy6510: lol which one were you?

  13. mmopuk Says:

    Wanna get more traffic to your blog? Sign up for my Ultimate Links @!

    All you need to do as my site to your blogroll as iMmopuk then I will add you! But, if you remove me, I will remove you! 😀


    shyshy6510: you can have ya offer back.

  14. mmopuk Says:

    Sorry, ignore the below/above.


  15. bubba1960 Says:

    Shyshy! plz vot for me and dex! the site to do it is

  16. ::Brett:: Says:

    Y did Cali Girl delete her site again????? I liked it 😦 lol

    shyshy6510: idk aww we know u liked it j/p

  17. ::Brett:: Says:

    -edited out-

    shyshy6510: okay good!

  18. ::Brett:: Says:

    -edited out-

    shyshy6510: yeah im shyleen

  19. ::Brett:: Says:

    -edited out-

    shyshy6510: idk you’re cool

  20. ::Brett:: Says:

    I wont tell NO ONE! 😉 OMG, y u posting that on everyone’s site? 😆 Everyone be mad at you…

    shyshy6510: idc and don’t tell no one.he doesn’t like me so it doesn’t matter really but he is so gorgeous!

  21. ::Brett:: Says:

    i kno im cool *glots, blabs*

    shyshy6510: you are way cooler than cool 😳

  22. kara234 Says:


    shyshy6510: lolz

  23. kara234 Says:


    shyshy6510: HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  24. snowy1900 Says:

    i was the 1 with ????????and ???? and ???????

    shyshy6510: hmmmm?

  25. ::βrꆆ:: (On-Line) Says:

    Im not way cooler than you (TY 😉 ) lol, ur site has almsot 40000 hits!!! amazing, i think ur’s is jsut as best as mine! and if u wanna kno my secrets im gonna make a How To page soon! 😉 U Rox

    shyshy6510: LOL thanks!But like your site is so cool!It is random and awesome.Maybe like when my site isn’t goin well I’ll make a random blog but I sorta like sticking to one topic.

  26. ::βrꆆ:: (On-Line) Says:

    wow, now im commenting alot here… lolz

    shyshy6510: i still comment way more at your site

  27. kara234 Says:


    shyshy6510: THANK YOU THANK YOU

  28. makee3 Says:

    Hey Shouldn’t Your Contest End Today?

    shyshy6510:im counting them now

  29. makee3 Says:

    Who Won?

    shyshy6510: could you not rush me!?

  30. makee3 Says:

    Lol Ok.

  31. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ Says:

    😆 u cant have the text that big! I dnt evn kno how to mak it like that… lol! so this deba something won lol yay! woooo i got 0pts!!!!! im awesome at this! 😦 awwwww i jsut got the bad news 😆

    shyshy6510:what bad news???????and yea its header 1

  32. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ Says:

    kara dnt like that crush thingy lolz!

    shyshy6510: i so know

  33. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ Says:

    Do u got a AIM? we can chat there if u really wanna!?!?!? omg, 3,100 comments on ur contest!!!!!!!! u think im good!! 😯 *heart attacks* JK

    shyshy6510: lol yeah i didn’t expect that many comments.and i got aim but i dont know how to use would have to like step-by-step if you really wanna talk that bad?!HA!

  34. shyshy6510 Says:


  35. Orngyee Says:

    Aaaw I didn’t win the contest. I’ll try harder next time!

  36. sony24dah Says:

    okkay i have read all the books now im reading them again and im on eclipse i whould give you my book but we live far apart.So in new moon they introuduced jacob more and when i gets the Edward<3 OHHHEMMMGEE its so awesome.if you want me to tell you more just email me at well i hope you can see my email when you approve thhis comment.sooo like omg! Team Edward.

    shyshy6510:AWESOME! wow you’re reading them all over again?I am readin Uglies right now because I am waiting for the New Moon book.

  37. dembikova Says:

    my email is (email removed)

    shyshy6510: k ill e-mail you.

  38. gardenax Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of comments. I’m gonna have a contest soon on my site.


  39. shawn1202 Says:

    Nice post!

    A lot of bad stuff as happend latley!

    Like the viirus on my computer (he he i’m able to go on it but it is pretty slow) and my runescape got hacked

    shyshy6510: wow there has never been a virus on our computer and my runescape has never been sorry

  40. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ Says:

    shyshy i got a gmail chatter thingy: (e-mail removed) lol!!!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510: awesome I’lladd you a.s.a.p.

  41. drkshadow17 Says:

    sorry!!! read it to find out what happens tho!

    shyshy6510: okay i read the preface (for the next book) and it stopped when Edward gave her something and it said something like ‘there she layed on the floor watching the six ravenous vampires struggle’.

  42. shawn1202 Says:

    Yes hooray my friend hacked my guy back for me!.

    shyshy6510: someone’s happy

  43. gardenax Says:

    Lol, you dressed like a real Mexican on that picture of the Fiesta. If they had a Japenese party, it’d make you Blackenese.

    shyshy6510: LOLZ and it would make you racinise!

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