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Shyshy6510 Here

I don’t have school today which totally rocks.I am doing crazy updates this site is going to be half random and half cp.There will be a cp page with updates and then some subpages , but don’t expect me to have them done super fast.Our site was doing really good ,but then I got like 164 hits one day.That isn’t even the average so I thought something needed to change.I will be trying like all the themes and then I will be having half my life and half cp since that is parts of my life.The About pages will be a little different and just have different sorts of things on them.The updation shall begin today!



9 Responses to “New Stuff”

  1. Isla (pronounced eye-luh) Says:

    sweeet i don’t have school today either! SNOW DAY! =] I’m up in
    Oh and BTW don’t tell ANYONE about… that. LOL I was wondering what email that was.haha nice one. You should totally do something like that again for April Fools day or something. 🙂

    shyshy6510: LOLZ thanks im in Ohio and we got like over a foot and since I have to walk halfway that is a definite no school!

  2. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ Says:

    cool u no schooleo! 😆 Ok, add me as an admin and I’ll set everything up and u can take it from there! when im done ill tell u and u delete me k? ty, i promise 2 not do anything bad! 😉

    shyshy6510: OMG thanks so much bc i screwed up site when i did it

  3. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ Says:

    p.s. im changing my theme! something like yours, dark/greenish!

    shyshy6510: lolz i’m changing something like yours – light

  4. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ Says:

    The WBA Awards have begun! Enter your site as a Nominee in only 2 categories tops! Enter your site in our best field and you may win some advertisement and an award (Virtual Trophy) Please Enter Today! Your Do Great! This is not Spam, just an advertisement for you to join, please remove link if you don’t allow it! 😉
    (link removed)

    shyshy6510: click his name and find the link

  5. Greeno Says:


    shyshy6510: LOL COOL!

  6. Ha Ha Thats Funey Says:

    hey shy can i be on your blogroli mean if u have to many people its ok

    shyshy6510:yeah I have quite a few people and you don’t meet the requirements soz

  7. Dexter333 Says:

    whoa this place has changed soooo much!!!!!

    soz i havn’t been here for the week, my internet was broken 😦

    shyshy6510: OMG I wondered why you weren’t on.

  8. Ha Ha Thats Funey Says:

    yeah i do i have more than 15000 hits though?

    shyshy6510: oh ,well i’ll check later

  9. drkshadow17 Says:

    no skool?? luckyy!! nice themeby the way 🙂

    shyshy6510: LOLz thanks

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