Updates about Users and Website!

Well now today I am the only one currently working here.Thegoldshine123 won my Christmas commenting contest and it expired today so he has been deleted.Empleongirl’s mom blocked wordpress , and I just plainly forgot to delete ::Brett:: after he fixed the website so full credit to him for fixing site.

-The add a sentence page restarted today seeing it is the first of the month
-The pin is on the pin/free item page and the newspaper is on the CP newspaper page.

 Sports catalog Cheats!

Sorry this update is so late I went to my BFF’s house.There I gashed my arm on her TV,she scared the living crap out of me(sesu knows story) and we took crazy pictures.If you wanna know the sotry I could type up a post about it,but that is only if you wanna here a crazy story and if you were in the situation you would probably pee yourself and be scared to sleep,knowing x-time is watching your every move and staring at you while you try to sleep peacefully.If ya wanna here the story comment saying you do!

Here are the Sports Catalog Cheats.

• On the Surfboard page click the flame surfboard in the penguin’s hand and then the starfish and gray seashell to get the silver surfboard!
• Click the rock climbing wall to get the rock climbing gear. 

Other CP Things Going On!

Other CP penguins can now see your member badge in the left hand corner of the member playercards.

Info I got from Makee3:
Non-members can’t purchase puffles anymore.Might as well not have an igloo.
There is a rumor about a silver color like the sensei’s.
February FUN has been cancelled to March FUN!Go to Lodge attic.

Also I have updated my About me page maybe adding a BFF on-line and only have one candidate.That person knows who they are.And if you have any ideas about a better home-page please tell me , my mind is a complete blank when it comes to that. 

Things I gotta SAY!!!!

Here are shout-outs to people.


Gardena:Sorry I went off on you,but what you said was complete racist!

Bubba1960:You will never be added back,your comment was rude and obnoxious!


LOLZ well anyways that’s all for now.Oh and wait I now have gotten the New Moon book from the Twilight Series!Jacob Black is really annoying me and I feel so sorry for Bella-I am currently on page 277.Boys I understand if ya don’t like this your all just mad because the girls prefer Edward Cullen over you!LOLZ well some atleast me half and half..Hope ya like the post.Remember if you have a gmail account add elephantgirl814@gmail.com and I will accept.Whenever your on I would love to chit-chat and talk so add me.

Shyshy6510 OUT!


3 Responses to “UPDATES!”

  1. bubba1960 Says:

    😦 but shyshy. It was the ****ing inmposter!

    shyshy6510: you shoudln’t have made the post then if you didn’t know for sure.NO BAD LANGUAGE!shame on you LOLZ

  2. bubba1960 Says:

    can you show me how to make a home page?

    shyshy6510: ask ::Brett::

  3. Dexter333 Says:

    ok WHO wrote that post???? Thegoldshine or shyshy??

    shyshy6510: what this post! me ofcourse im the only worker here

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