Champions Over and Over!

BECAUSE we are the Champions.Over—— and Over—— saying we are the Champions!Of the World———-.ROCK ON QUEEN!

I am a champion-don’t hate.

Today we had a spell-off.I won FIRST place.We used the 5th and 6th grade Scripps national spelling bee words.ALL of my words were easy.I had the words. 

-llama (to see who one first)
-happenstance (last round)
-scissors (first round) 

Some other people’s words.
-wealthy (easy)
-plumber (easy)
-petticoat (easy)

If you say they are easy remember they were for the NATIONAL 5th and 6th spelling bee words for the NATIONAL SCRIPPS SPELLING BEE HELD IN D.C.

I am attending a district spelling bee on Saturday-I don’t know where yet-and maybe if my grandma takes pictures I can show some of them. 

Other News

Check out my CP newspaper page for the new newspaper.
We had a band concert on Wednesday,we had the High School Band (and Jazz) combined with ours.We sounded great.
We played

-September (whole band)
-Entrance to the Tall ships (I had 1stb clarinet part)(whole band)
-The ‘Hey’ Song (whole band)
-Marching to Pretoria (I had 1stb clarinet part)(whole band)
– Kansas City (BEST SONG)(Only high-schoolers)
– Some French song I forget the name.High-schoolers are playing for a competition.

I am proud to say my district’s jazz band (high-school) has one 3 times in a row for the top jazz band in the state.And we have won the top trumpet (because of Matt) and trombone section 3 times in a row.Matt made up his own section when he played (I forget what it is called) and so did one of the trumpets.Jazz is so SLICK!

Shyshy6510 Ecstatic and OUT!


2 Responses to “Champions”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    i am gonna start doing pollz again because my site needs something to calculate on.they will end every thursday and start every thursday obviously.

  2. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ Says:

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    Please Save Earth!!!!!!! 😀

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