I have been thinking about shoes a lot because I am getting a new pair sometime this weekend.

My dad and I went to the closest mall Monday night and he bought a watch and I got a new pair of “kicky cat hi” Baby Phat shoes.Baby Phat and Pastrys are in right now at my school for girls and for boys it is and will always be Air Forces and Jordans.

Here are my shoes (that I ordered) :

They are “kicky cat hi” black and white hightop Baby Phat shoes.

Here is a poll just to see what name brand shoes are ‘in’ at your school.

If you entered ‘other’ then name what you guys ‘rock’ at your area.

POLL RESULTS: A majority of the people who are on my site are boys…..LOLz. 37 boys and 35 boys.Only two more votes and us girls could’ve won.

New poll about Twilight.Also new shoe poll above.You might not be able to see all the results,but I’ll post them on Thursday next week.Don’t worry.Be happy…..

6 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. Sssaam Says:

    Hey, thanks so much for adding a Panic Button banner! I added you to “Who Has A Panic Button” page! I deleted the affiliates page because I just didn’t think it was needed. I hope you understand, cya!

    Keep It Real
    The Panic Button

    shyshy6510: okayz

  2. Wbtpe Says:

    Check out NACP, my new Club Penguin Army here.


  3. sony24dah Says:

    Ed Hardy!

    shyshy6510: ED HARDY SHOES ROCK!Oh man I forgot to add those!It is ED Hardy and Christain Audiger my friend has a whole outfit.I want the ED Hardy converses.

  4. gardenax Says:

    WTF it says that there were 35 boys. Lol.

    shyshy6510: boys won

  5. drkshadow17 Says:

    converse is aparently are “in” at other pplz schools….i think they Ed Hardy converse’s look so kewl!!! my feet are kinda big (size 10 in womans) so i cant get converse’s……STUPID BIG FEET!

    shyshy6510: LOLZ I wear 9 so like i can still wear converses.they just make my feet look big so i always wear big pants with them.

  6. sony24dah Says:

    If you can buy them (i can i have like 5 pairs) At my school you wear Ed Hardy if you cant they wear converse or vans

    shyshy6510: lolz,same here.

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