Eye  Illusions

Aren’t eye optical illusions so cool!?I think so.They literally make you see strange things or even see more pictures inside of pictures which are even cooler.There are even some that artists create which uses depth and precision to make it look like you can walk,climb,move,something that you could never.Or even some that have our mind spinning thinking about how it is even possible to do that, or draw that Some very common ones are ;


Here is one of my favorite just because it took SO long for me to find out where the woman was.Is it a saxophone player or a woman?


And this picture is my art teacher’s favorite picture.It is an optical illusion by M.C. Escher.


I absolutely love optical illusions.They make you think of nothing else just on what you are looking at or looking for in a certain picture.

Shyshy6510 Out. (Optical Illusion Lover )


7 Responses to “Illusions”

  1. umphulump55 Says:


    shyshy6510: LOLZ super cool saying

  2. Dexter333 Says:

    Cool!! well cya thursday

    shyshy6510: I swear you are so lucky

  3. bubba1960 Says:

    I do NOT see the woman

    shyshy6510: step back I’ll tell you at your site that way I don’t ruin it for others.

  4. bubba1960 Says:


    shyshy6510: LOLZ because of the hint I have you.

  5. umphulump55 Says:


    shyshy6510: LOLZ I had to give Bubba hints.

  6. drkshadow17 Says:

    lol, i actually saw the woman before i saw that it was both a woman and saxaphone player…..optical illusions r so kewl!!

    shyshy6510: lolz

  7. Mechelle99 Says:

    UUghh! Can you give me some hints for the women one?

    shyshy6510: you see the black thing that is just hanging there in the middle of the is one of her eyes.the other one is his chin.

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