Poll Results


Poll Results

There were two polls.
Here are the results-

What brand of shoes are ‘in’ at your school?
Nike-9 votes
Vans-9 votes
Converses-9 votes
DC-7 votes
Marc Ecko-3 votes
Air Forces-3 votes
Etnies-3 votes
Baby Phat-2 votes
Pastrys-2 votes
Jordans-2 votes
Adidas-2 votes
Pumas-0 votes
K-swiss-0 votes
Other-5 votes

Winners are Nike’s,Van’s,and Converses’s.CONGRATS!

Have you read any Twilight books?
Yes-12 votes
No-9 votes
Too girly OR too long-7 votes
What’s Twilight?(OH NO you don’t know about twilight!?)-5 votes
Thinking about it-0 votes

The winner is Yes!YES CONGRATS!

There is a new poll on the sidebar every Thursday.

P.S. I updated my ABOUT ME page and I would love for you guys to ask me questions.Any question shall do and I will write the question out,answer it,and then put who asked it,so you could be of some remembrance on the site.

I am going to make a newest cp blog post page because they started posting something everyday (it is getting annoying) so yeah I am going to make a page like that.Also remember my CP newspaper page gets updated every Thursday as well.


8 Responses to “Poll Results”

  1. gardenax Says:


    shyshy6510: who the heck is Karl?

  2. bubba1960 Says:

    Congradulations with the baby shyshy!

    shyshy6510: LOLz

  3. Greeno Says:

    Hmmm… GET ON GOOGLE!

  4. drkshadow17 Says:

    LOL!! “Who the heck is karl?” haha, luv that reply 😀

    shyshy6510: LOLz

  5. Dexter333 Says:

    I Like the new header shy….

    shyshy6510; Thanks.

  6. Greeno Says:


    shyshy6510: oookkkaaayyy…..

  7. Shoe Carnival Says:

    thanks, your article is very informative.

    shyshy6510: Your welcome Shoe Carnival lolz.

  8. Hush Hush Says:

    OMG! Did you hear about Twilight 5!?!?

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