This post I made out of complete boredom so yeah…….

You know how my mom had a baby and all!?Well anyways here is her at 1 hour old.Click it for bigger picture since it is a thumbnail and all.

picture-41You know how I had an optical illusion post!?Well anyways…….I found another one.it explains a lot.You may think you have victory,but somewhere you find that really you have defeat.Or vice-versa.Look closely,I see defeat and victory.

picture-2And again you know how my new favorite letter is ‘S’ well I made a ‘green and blue…..’ S because I was thinkind and felt I needed to make it.You ask why well because…..It is ‘s’ for lots of different reasons.Mainly because of people and I guess things.But hmmm….. what do I like that starts with a ‘s’.Oooo Ooo Ooo a slushie or umm a slumber party!Yeah and then there’s people.Which include me and others.I like all letters,but ‘s’ I seem to favor.

picture-112That’s all! Also I have been dropping in hits and barely getting 10 comments a day!What can I do to change that?


2 Responses to “RANDOMNESS”

  1. ~**~Jayy~**~ Says:

    Great Site! It’s Lookin Good! Thank’s So Much Fo Your Comment’s.

    shyshy6510; Thanks and LOLZ I did comment a lot.

  2. drkshadow17 Says:

    that defeat one is so kewl!!

    shyshy6510: Yeah,do you have victory or defeat!?

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