Red Alert!

Psssssssttt….. My membership is all out!OH WELL! Lolz.I’m not gonna renew it

Well guess what I saw someone on cp.

What has come of Cp??
picture-1Mr Cha Ching , guy with a purple hoodie and pearls on!??


 Shout Outs!!!!!!!

Bubba1960-I am sorry that I won’t add you back as an admin,but I like being alone on my site.


::Brett::-Sorry for all the arguments we had and I am glad we can become friends again.

Yeah I am very sorry to many.

A sad shyshy6510 out…….


22 Responses to “Memberships”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Omg I just saw Mr Cha Ching yesterday. He is such a show off. He advertized himself with copybots. And lol, that’s a thing I would post. But people just like that style. When I saw this post I laughed so hard. And I mean really, I feel so sorry for him. Before I met Nochia and the others, my friends used to dress as boys and the next day, they become girls.

    It’s like really late at night, you are on cp, you feel so tired and you’re alone in a quiet server. The you see some guy/lady crossdresses up with a guy wig, a pink shiny dress, and a pair of sunglass and suddenly walks right next to you. That’s a real waker upper!

    shyshy6510: Lolz the last paragraph would probably happen to me I would be like WTH! lolz.Picture this.Guy wig,dress,pearl necklace,boy shoes,and a guitar.LOLZ people are so weirdz!!!Also wow I guess Mr Cha Ching has a site idk I saw him on cp a long time and i was like “wow wth does this guy have on” lolz rofl.

  2. gardenax Says:

    I am throwing a first ever party for St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s everything you’ll need to know before coming:

    Why: St. Patrick’s Day Party

    When: Saturday, March 14, 3:00 PM PST

    Where: Freezer, Snowforts

    Who will host: Globalsavior, ______, and ______

    What to expect: Sled Races, Snowball fights, Connect Four, pictures, and more. If someone wants to record it would be find with me, but please tell me before recording. If there’s anything I’m missing on this post, please tell me.

    More info at Hope to see you there!

    ~ |Globalsavior|

    shyshy6510: I’ll try to come but there are no guarantess

  3. JirachiGirl Says:

    Mr. Cha Ching!!! Arghh!! Big meanie!! He was one of my friends! He deleted me and he pretended that I never existed! Argh.. and I saw him the day after that, and that, and that, and I hope you got the picture. I FELT LIKE YELLING CUSS WORDS AT HIM!!! BTW, he comes mostly to server Sleet. I know this because my cousin always go to that server. It’s fun, until Mr. Show-Off comes around spoiling our fun. Arghhh… >=(

    shyshy6510: Okay so now its you,me,and Gardenax who think Mr Cha Ching is a show off and me and Garden think Mr Cha Ching is like a super fruit loop.

  4. Cca Says:

    I hate when ppl dress like this it’s so UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I he

    shyshy6510: lolz especially him!

  5. Cca Says:

    what the I WASN’T DONE YET!!!!!!! but anyway he’s really mean and a show-off he added me once on his friend list next day I was his ignore list 😡 He’s just a user…

    shyshy6510: he sounds like one!!!!

  6. Ha Ha Thats Funey Says:

    who da heck is mr cha ching dude or whatever!

    shyshy6510: a fruity loop!

  7. Ha Ha Thats Funey Says:


  8. kara234 Says:

    i saw him one day hes freaky

    shyshy6510: i got him a new name: fruit boy

  9. ::βrꆆ:: Says:

    Lolz is he a she or is he just G%@ lolz??!?!?!??! Anyways, don’t worry, IDC we’re friends, dnt be sadz!

    shyshy6510: umm ok…..and yeah probably

  10. ::βrꆆ:: Says:

    lolz a fruity loop! 😆

    shyshy6510: he is the fruitiest of them all

  11. ::βrꆆ:: Says:

    im gonna feel like an aidots, but whenz st pattys day? lolz, I wanna throw a site party for the holiday/my views! Yippee! I might have it on CP… who knowz? lol

    shyshy6510: i have no clue…..

  12. ::βrꆆ:: Says:

    lolz srry, 1 more Q:
    how do ya get that Reply thingy under these comments to show up on my site?

    shyshy6510: i believe you go to settings then to discussions and then thread comments

  13. kara234 Says:


    shyshy6510: lolz you met the fruit

  14. bella7426 Says:

    Did I Mention That Bella Is My Sis?

    shyshy6510: wait so who r u? makee3,or the bella who talks to me on gmail! or some mysterious person

  15. gardenax Says:

    Sadly your membership expired. I heard from someone (I forgot who) that their membership has or will expire and that they don’t want to pay anymore. Due to the economy, none of everybody’s parents can afford memberships. I don’t even have enough money or those other stuffs for the next contest on my site. Eventually you will tend to see more and more people becoming a non member and loosing domains/credits.

    shyshy6510: I know totally true! But i am renewing my membership a.s.a.p. because I think the clothes this time are really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus! They bring out new clothes when my membership expires which isnt cool CP! SOOO NOT COOL!

  16. Kade Hasenfus Says:

    hey shyshy i e mailed you about the new game i play and well did u try it???

    shyshy6510: yepperz its weird

  17. mrchachingcp Says:

    oh mr cha rocks!!!

    shyshy6510: hehe are you him? and act-u-ally he doesn’t.

    • JiarchiGirl Says:

      What the HECK? I doubt that you are Mr. Cha Ching (A.K.A. Noodle Head). He stink, show-off, and he doesn’t rock, under all circumstances.

      P.S. Noodle Head, I e-mailed Club Penguin about you.

      shyshy6510: noodle head???um ok….and hehe

  18. kara234 Says:

    yes hes him lol

  19. sony24dah Says:

    My dad always buys me the 6 month membership and when it expires he buys it again

    shyshy6510: well lucky you! hehe ☺

  20. gardenax Says:

    This is my favorite post.

    shyshy6510: 😆 I haven’t saw him in a while!

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