Poll Results


Here are the Poll Results.

What is your favorite color?(Out of the ones below)
Blue (any shade)-12 votes
Black or Gray-7 votes
Pink-5 votes
Green (any shade)-5 votes
Red-4 votes
Maroon-2 votes
Yellow-2 votes
Purple-1 vote
White-1 votes
Orange-0 votes

Blue (any shade) won the Poll! GO BLUE
I voted for Black HeHe HaHa BoReDoM hAuNtS mE!

There are 2 new polls.About LAME HSM stars.Man I hate Disney Stars!
(Besides “That’s So Raven” its the future she can see!)

P.S.I am almost done with “Breaking Dawn” like 100 pages until the end.


6 Responses to “Poll Results”

  1. ::βrꆆ:: Says:

    GREEN WILL RULE YOU GUYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510: mhmm…..that’s why green lost! ROFL.

  2. gardenax Says:

    My fave color is blue and green (not mixed together). But I didn’t see green the other time, so I think I voted blue. The color of any shade on your post can be your theme. Lol to Bret’s comment. I kinda think green will rule.

    shyshy6510: My fave color is Black.HeHe.Black shall rule.

  3. ::βrꆆ:: Says:

    A Clue……
    I Made a Funey!

    Figure it out, the future is coming!

    shyshy6510: huh?

  4. Cca Says:

    Disney stars are :sick: = BLAH!!!!! (I think that makes a sick face)

    shyshy6510:hehe.It didnt make a sick face.

  5. drkshadow17 Says:

    ugh, i hate disney pplz 2! i have NO disney singers on my ipod 😀 im anti-disney

    shyshy6510: hehe me to especially HSM stars they get on my nerves!

  6. gardenax Says:

    I wonder why people like Twilight a lot. For once I wanna taste that book to know what it’s like (not eat the book).

    shyshy6510: Twilight is like a girl’s dream come true.I mean your the new girl and you got this amazingly fast,strong,cold,cute,and immortal guy I mean what’s not to love!!!!!!

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