HeHe I am superly uperly duperly happy.I got the Twilight movie and the Madea goes to jail movie.The Twilight movie is O.K. I was pretty mad though to find out they didn’t even go to the meadow place and the movie seemed VERY SHORT!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I swear that movie seems like the shortest thing in the world,but I searched and people are saying it is 120 minutes which would be two hours!Maybe it seems so short because I have read the book and already know what to expect I guess.

HeHe me superly happy.

Oh and check out on youtube Yiruma-River Flows in You it is like the prettiest piano song I have ever heard.

Oh and on my opinion on the cutest boys in Twilight I would have go to with 1.)Jacob Black 2.)Emmet Cullen 3.)Edward Cullen yeah,but actually Robert guy fits Edward perfectly.And Alice seems super cool,can’t wait to see how she acts in the other movies!


9 Responses to “*Twilight*”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Hard to vote on the poll, cuz a barely know ’em. I know at least 2 people who made their homepages like your’s. I forgot who through. Maybe 3. Thank god Nochia doesn’t have a Club Penguin Blog. She treats it more as if it were a blog, blog.

    shyshy6510: Not that hard I mean watch a HSM movie and hope to vote no hehe.And I know quite a few too and also a blog,blog yeah that makes no sense.

  2. drkshadow17 Says:

    lol, yea. my friend got a “fake” copy of the movie too. IT WAS SHORT!! TEH WHOLE THING WITH JAMES WAS SOO SHORT!!

    shyshy6510: hehe bootleg,but still its 20 hours I timed it!HEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kade Hasenfus Says:

    do u wanna work on my site shyshy?

    shyshy6510: That’s o.k. I’ll pass

    • Kade Hasenfus Says:

      ok just asking and its just that u have a webcam and uh well nvm it dont matter

      shyshy6510: oh hehe yeah i do have one

  4. Kade Hasenfus Says:

    ok um would u just like me to leve u alone and stop coming here cause u prob just think im a stalker or something its ok if u think so but im not

    shyshy6510: hehe thats a-okay

  5. Kade Hasenfus Says:

    ok um maybe you could put my vids on your site but umm im just going to go

    p.s. why did u put brett on your blogroll if they dont have the required hits?

    shyshy6510: i like the screaming vid so maybe so.Also me and Brett are cool so yeah…..

  6. sony24dah Says:

    I love edward! and jacob is cute but not as hot as robert

    shyshy6510: JACOB IS WAY HOTTER THAN ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sony24dah Says:

    Well,that’s what you think.Ok let’s not fight over the boy hottie scale.LMAO

    shyshy6510: hehe because we all know Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner will always be hotter.

  8. sony24dah Says:

    ok fine jacob IS HOT

    shyshy6510: I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shyleen + Taylor Lautner ♥

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