Exciting Parts of my Day at school,March 16th,2009


My Day at School was pretty fun and somewhat crazy!

 The Morning (at the Gym before school started)
This morning will probably be the one of the craziest mornings I will experience as my time as a 6th grader inside of the Gym.This girl named named Naeteaka (nah-teaka) was up on the bleachers sitting there and Karlissa came in the Gym and walked up there and they were both standing up on the bleachers.Naeteaka said “If you got something to say then you can say it to my face,like what you said on the phone yesterday.”And so Karlissa got in her face and said “Your a phony a** b****.”Then Naeteaka took her by her arm and hair and pulled her off the bleachers (I was right behind them like OMG! and we were at the very top of the bleachers!)The next thing that happened was Karlissa swung Naeteaka on the ground (which was very easy seeing Naeteaka is the second shortest girl in 6th grade) and was punching her in the face for like 30 seconds straight.Then Naeteaka dragged her over towards this door and pulled some of her weave (everyone is saying it was weave,also weave is fake hair like extensions) out.All while this was happening ‘Jazzy’ was recording it on her pink razor flip phone!She said she was gonna upload it to youtube.And so then Mr.Carver (my gym teacher) came out of his office (which was the door they were fighting near) and broke them up.Mr.Blaine (lame as ever assistant principal for half the 7th grade and all of 8th grade) took them both up to be suspended for 10 days and ‘Jazzy’ is being suspended for recording it and they still can’t find the cell phone!!
2nd period Science
2nd period Science was pretty fun,besides the fact that the 6th grade and half the 7th grade assistant principal was right behind me.I laugh a lot in Science class,which is all due to Ja’mar’s (jay-mar)hilarious jokes he be saying.We have this teacher named Mrs.Nervo and there is this boy named De’Mar (de-mar) and he was eating some sunflower seeds and she caught him and she said “Go spit those sunflower seeds out right now!” and then she muttered,”Or I’ll eat you for lunch.” and Ja’mar heard it and he was like “Shyleen I’ll eat you for lunch” in a real deep voice we was laughing sooo hard!!!!And then he was like “with mashed potatoes….and a juice box!…..and turkey” and we was just sitting there laughing like crazy!!!!!Funny time,funny time 🙂
In hallway on way to 7th period and 7th period
Well like I went to my locker after lunch and I decided I was gonna return my “Coraline” book,now a major motion picture,to the library and I was like running down the hallway and this boy who almost everyone likes (and who I think is amazingly cute,I don’t like him though) was right behind me and I was running weird because I had a ton of stuff so yeah…..I was about 10 steps away from my 7th period Language Arts class and the bell rang.MrsArnold was like “Mrs.Jones we got a late one down here!”so I had to walk to Mrs.Jones and she walked downstairs to her office.She stopped halfway and yelled at some boy and told him to go toMr.Blaine’s office and I thought she was talking to me so I walked in there.I had to wait for like 10 minutes and he told me to come in and got my last name and asked me how long I have been with the district’s system I was like “Forever….I guess” hehe he looked at me funny then 🙂 . And he said “Well I have never saw your face in trouble and you don’t have anything bad on your record and I don’t want the first thing on your record to be some measly friday detention” so I was like “Thank you” and left.Then I walked back upstairs to Language Arts and like 5 minutes later I get a call-slip to Mrs.Jones office so the only thing running through my mind is WTF!!!Remember I just walked upstairs with no friday detention.So I go downstairs and she is like “Where did you go?” and I’m like “You told me to go to Mr.Blaine’s office” and then she is like “You must’ve heard wrong,you got a friday” and then I’m like “Ughhh.”So I left her office with a Friday Detention issued to Shyleen ********* (hehe) for March 20th,2009 after school in the cafeteria for 2 hours,until 5:00pm EST.Yes that was the only part of my day that sucked.

This was a long post I took a long time to write so please comment and tell me what you think about everything!!


*please still read though*

-mad as ever shyshy6510 out! 😦 –


16 Responses to “Exciting Parts of my Day at school,March 16th,2009”

  1. Dexter333 Says:


    shyshy6510: hehe the fight was crazy!!!! 🙂

  2. shyshy6510 Says:

    P.S. it isn’t supposed to be underlined like that!!!!!!!

    *mad shyshy6510 out!*

  3. kara234 Says:


    shyshy6510: day was complete craziness

  4. kara234 Says:

    i can tell lol

  5. kara234 Says:

    and i dident go to the dentist well i did but i ran away back to The car

    shyshy6510: hehe *scary dentist pops up*

  6. Chloe Says:

    Hryyz 😀
    Interesting-ness 😀 The fight sounded interesting…your day sounded interesting =D Suspended for 10 dayz…whoaz 😮

    shyshy6510: yesh I know! 🙂 thats why if I fight someone I’ll fight them after school that way there is no possible way for me to get suspended and thanks

  7. bubba1960 Says:

    soooooooo you go to hyre middle school? rite?

    shyshy6510: no it’s near there though,dang you stalker 🙂 Jp. UPDATE: you must’ve got that I go to hyre because of Mr.Blaine. no he transferred schools.

  8. bubba1960 Says:

    R u hispanic?

    shyshy6510: ummm no

  9. bubba1960 Says:

    This shouldn’t be too hard………… There are only 5 hispanic people in your school…..

    shyshy6510: there are actually probably less

  10. bubba1960 Says:

    easy as pie 🙂

    shyshy6510: huh??? 😦

  11. umphulump55 Says:

    Bubba…um..shy if i dont mind asking…WTF R u talking about?! rofl!!

    shyshy6510: hilarious Umph.He is talking about ratemyteachers.com and there is a Mr.Blaine that went to Hyre.He transferred to my school and PEOPLE DON’T GO STALKING ME!!!! 🙂

  12. ♪Mrslide6091♪ Says:

    That website is creepy!

    shyshy6510: which one? ratemyteachers??

  13. bubba1960 Says:

    Ohhh. There was also a Ms. Jones at hyre. Thats y I thought……..


  14. bubba1960 Says:

    It wont be to hard to find your name!

    shyshy6510: yeah freaking stalker 😡 don’t be freaking stalking me bc omg i wont be ur friend ever again

  15. umphulump55 Says:

    yes bubba thats illegal. just stop stalking, c’mon. get a life.

    shyshy6510: yesh bubba get a life! 🙂 rofl Jk

  16. ♪Mrslide6091♪ Says:


    shyshy6510: i know

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