Here I go being a kind and nice person (don’t get used to it rofl) well here are some websites I like or that I visit.

The following sites I like and the person is my friend or something else…..don’t get mad if your website isn’t on the list!  –  –  –    –   –    –    –    –   –   –    –    –   –

Those are just some of the websites I visit daily,there will be like one advertisement post once every two months I will forget so maybe the viewers should remind me 🙂

Had a rough day Shyshy6510 out

9 Responses to “Advertisements.”

  1. Dexter333 Says:

    how do u remember to visit all of them?!

    shyshy6510: OMG I forgot yours.I will advertise yours like five times next post I swear!!Oh and I have them bookmarked (favorited) and I took about half of them and stuck them on the post.

  2. kara234 Says:

    cries u hate me

    shyshy6510: rofl I don’t I and dexter333 get a special post my bad.

  3. kara234 Says:

    grrrrrrr barks at

  4. ::βrꆆ:: Says:


    shyshy6510: your soooo welcome!!!!!

  5. umphulump55 Says:

    gA!! Im on there 😀

    shyshy6510: hehe lucky you

  6. gardenax Says:

    Thanks for advertizing my site, I have left a comment on your other post.

    shyshy6510: umm ok and your welcome.

  7. Greeno Says:

    Thanks! 😀 I am Inserting your site link in my next post!

    shyshy6510: Thank you Greeno 🙂

  8. virgogirlx3 Says:

    WOOT! I’m on it! Heyyy! Can you come to my party today! It starts in a little bit at 3pm EST! Server: Rainbow Starting Place: Dock!


    shyshy6510: oooooo virgo i am soooo sorry! i had a fri. detention and as soon as i came back my friend courtney picked me sorry!

  9. drkshadow17 Says:

    TY!! i visit ur site evryday or every othr day….but sorry if i dnt seem to evr comment…my parents get susupicious when i start typing stuff….dont ask-their getting on my nerves now….

    shyshy6510: hehe and thats o.k. hits are good enough but i ❤ replying to comments

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