Movie Updates!


Movie Updates!

Here are some movie updates that I found through various websites and various youtube channels like “What the Buck?”

Twilight Movies-The Twilight movie comes out this Saturday (March 21st,2009) and I am one of the many people who are buying it (well my grandma is) and there are many Midnight Release Parties going on,I know there is one going on at Hot Topic and Wal-Mart,both great suppliers of Twilight merchandise.New Moon comes out November 20th,2009 which is 8 months away basically so I sooo can’t wait.They are switching directors and the new director will be Chris Weitz,and I have looked up his name and it says he isn’t directing Eclipse,but I have heard rumors that they asked Drew Barrymore and that Juan Antonio Bayona will be directing along with GUILLERMO DEL TORO!!!Guillermo Del Toro directed all of the “Hell Boy” movies (which I adore) and directed “Pan’s Labryinth” (cried my eyes out and is subtitled) and “The Orphanage” (subtitled movie,very good but hard to understand at the beggining.He is like my all-time favorite director!!!!Anyways…..hehe I had a moment,chew it over with twix *chomps*.Some people think Taylor Lautner (my man) shouldn’t play Jacob Black because he isn’t ‘bulky’ enough and has a baby face.OH WELL!!!!They also say though no one is taking his place because he has bulked up!!He is going to be Jacob Black though (saw on stephenie meyer official site) most likely due to his ‘bulkiness’ and fan support!Oh yeah……Also Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) has also been criticized because she is supposed to be playing someone who is 4 feet 10 inches and I guess she is taller.Dakota Fanning might play Jane UPDATE:Dakota Fanning has been casted for Jane,I wonder who Alec will be?(part of Volturi gang) in the movie and America Ferrera (Ugly Betty star) has auditioned for Emily Young who is Sam Uley’s fiancé and Vannessa Anne Hudgens might play Leah Clearwater!!!!I WILL BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD AT THE DIRECTOR OF NEW MOON IF VANESSA GETS PART!Most are saying she can’t be Leah though because she can’t portray how mean Leah gets in the next books (Like “Breaking Dawn”),I personally hope she doesn’t get the part.

High School Musical 4-Wow another crappy High School Musical coming out.When will the madness end!!!!?It will come out next year and casting starts late summer.There is going to be a Romeo and Juliet twist (according to websites and youtube channels) and that the fourth movie will be on Disney Channel not the big screen.That’s because no one watches the dumb movies anyways,it would be a waste of electricity to play it in theatres.The movie is probably going to feature all the same people,Corbin,Vanessa,Zac,blah di blah blah.

cool fun spontaneous shyshy6510 out 

P.S. I will be making two posts tomorrow.An advertisement post and some random one that I will think about tonight.

Happ Belated Saint Patrick’s Day! 🙂



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  1. Greeno Says:

    NOW I COULD LEARN TOO LOVE THESE POSTS! look at my site. Someone threatened to hack me.

    shyshy6510: wow thats pretty bad and thanks my posts are getting better

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