Boredom Haunts Me


Well I am very bored as you can see by the post thingy at the top.
Sorry If there were parties this weekend on clubpenguin that I missed.When I got back from my Friday detention my friend Courtney came over and picked me up,I had no time to do anything sooo therefore it isn’t my fault at all.
Here are some pictures that I got from my Myspace application Bumper Stickers.
Pictures –>>
picture-13I like Pancakes too,but not that much 🙂 . Lady looks delusional she got me feeling all discombobulated and whatnot! 🙂
picture-41I actually was sitting in my house reading this out loud and I felt soooo stupid when I was done.I was like wow.What was waste of time.
picture-8I favor this picture because it is sooo true.When you break up with someone you shouldn’t mope around and think I love it how he used to say my name and made me feel like the most specialest girl in the world.Think about how he hurt you and how much your always gonna remember him because of that one fact.That’s what I would do atleast……

More pictures tomorrow……funny or not oh well I like em’ so I am gonna post them hehe 🙂

Also the Twilight movie came out this Saturday and we all know I bought it.The official DVD comes with two discs,the movie disc and a special features disc.I watched about half of the Special Features disc  which is a great disc that I enjoy very much.
I am currently reading “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld.I adore the book and I think if they made a movie of it that it would be great to see all these ‘Pretties’ walking around and then these non-symetrical faced ‘Uglies’ walking around. It is a Science fiction and a Fantasy book,but it is worth reading.Trust me 🙂

In Clubpenguin many things are going on and if you wanna know more about them then you need to check out my Clubpenguin side pages that I will be updating.

-Discombobulated tired of typing Shyshy6510 out-

P.S. do you think I should post a picture of me on here for like maybe 1 day??Just one picture that’s all. 

Go to to vote for the Kid’s Choice Awards.Here are the people/things I voted for.
Twilight,Venus Williams,Lebron James,Cole Sprouse,America’s Next Top Model,The Simpsons,Bedtime Stories,Will Smith,Reese Witherspoon,Madagascar 2,Jack Black (Po,Kung Fu Panda), T-Pain,Alicia Keys,Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)(Beyonce) , iCarly,Pussycat Dolls,Miranda Cosgrove,Rock Band 2

3 Responses to “Boredom Haunts Me”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Haah wow. This Avatar dude on my site goes to I’m going to cast my vote on Nicktropolis. I have been there on 2007, 2008, and I’m about to be there on 2009! Whoo!!!

    shyshy6510: wow im never on nicktropolis

  2. Dexter333 Says:

    well most of the people you know have seen u like………on Gmail and twitter i’m guessing on facebook………..lolz idk its your choise

    shyshy6510: dex a’mir and robert are real 🙂

  3. ::βrꆆ:: Says:

    ROFL I guess I’m an idiot…? 😀 ROFL, funny and trciky. I like Pancakes :O ROFL

    shyshy6510: HeHe I hope you don’t look like her.and i guess sooo i felt sooo dumb when i was done reading it.

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