Uglies and Twilight Graphics


I just finished this book called the “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld the book is amazing and had me wanting more and kept me reading it.I am now working on “Pretties”.

The book “Uglies” is about–>>
“Uglies” is about a girl who turns sixteen in 3 months and it is pretty crazy.The girl’s name is Tally Youngblood.When you turn 16 you get an operation that makes you “Pretty”.Until your 16 you are considered and “Ugly”.Tally’s friend Peris (a boy) is 3 months older than her and gets his operation done,in the process of her waiting for hers she meets a girl name Shay.Shay doesn’t want to be Pretty,she wants to stay Ugly.After After–>> Shay runs away and Tally follows.Tally falls in love with an Ugly (like her) and then the Smoke (where they all hide out) gets ruined.Tally was the reason.Tally finds out when you turn Pretty it just doesn’t change the way you look it changes the way you think too.Her and David (her lover) run-away or whatever 😆 and Tally turns pretty in the end.


Not the best summary 😆 ,but pretty okay,the book is GREAT,you gotta read it. 🙂

Here are some twilight graphics I found on Myspace 😆 ofcourse –>>
picture-102Blondes do have more fun,no offense but they do say Blondes are stupid BUT NOT ALL OF THEM ARE!!I know this one chica and she is super smart!!Oh well Edward prefers Brunettes,he can have me! 😆   😉   😛 
picture-122I thought it was I love you in dinosaur!Oh well Jacob is cuter,let him have it this one time dinos 😆
picture-131I found this picture a many a places and I love the cover if thats it!OMG that looks like what it must look like near Isle Esme 🙂 man I wish I was there!!
Funny Picture–>>
picture-92SOOOOOOOOOO TRUE 😛  I have like 5 rainbow colored slinkies that I lost,let us cry for those lost slinkies 

Shyshy6510 Out!

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4 Responses to “Uglies and Twilight Graphics”

  1. Blue Joravar Says:

    shyshy makee and i are cousins and i will never be on your blogroll now

    shyshy6510: oh wow and yesh i know sarri

  2. gardenax Says:

    Besides everything all, why is everybody swearing me? Not you, but like everyone lately. It’s like everyone has gone over the fad on the Gardenax Period, now it’s turning into a disaster! On Chobots, some girl called me cheer a lot and nagged me, on PengSpace some girl called me King of Dumb, and on my blog somebody said I suck and what the… you know. Part of this even takes part in what I did in the past, especially the comment being left in one of my old posts. Why can’t everybody just forget about the past and move on. So yeah you can call me a crybaby. I’ve been called stupid, gay, dumb, freakface, foul languages, more than you will believe. So you can curse me out of my blog, it won’t really matter.

    shyshy6510: Well it matters to me so yeah….. 😆 🙂 and i didnt call you a crybaby some dumb ass person copying me did!

  3. drkshadow17 Says:

    iz that teh real covr for midnight sun??

    shyshy6510: idk hopefully 😆

  4. whereisit Says:

    where is all the uglies stuff? i want UGLIES!!!!!!!!! 😡

    shyshy6510: 😆 I see your blog name and I see why you want it soooo much 🙂 I lost my Prettie’s book so I can’t finish!!

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