Well I am back and my weekend was great.We pranked call people it was hilarious,here is one we did- Green is us,Orange is them
– Hello
-Hello Sir,we got an order from Pizza Hut for 40 chicken wings and 3 large pepperoni pizzas;your food will be there in a minute.
-Dude I didn’t order that
-Well I am sorry sir,but your going to pay for it and enjoy the meal!
Hangs Up
Yeah we had a lot of fun and we walked to the store and were roaming the parking lot for like hours having fun.There was this Green truck and Reese (a boy thats his nickname) walked up to the car and stared at the dude 😆 and me and my friend ran towards the Dollar Store.And then the dude leaned over in the car like he was about to grab a gun and we all ran like crazy.And then Reese went back up there and the dude got out of his car and was chasing Reese!! 😆 IT WAS CRAZY!!Me and Cherish were in the middle of the Parking Lot and Courtney was behind a tree with a giant stick!!Yeah that was hilarious!

Poll results-
What do you rate my site?
10-24 votes (50% half of viewers!!)
9-2 votes
8-5 votes
7-3 votes
6-2 votes
5-2 votes
4-0 votes
3-0 votes
2-0 votes
1-10 votes

10 WON!! 🙂 😆 Haters fall back and don’t hate!! 😛

I posted a picture of me in the post below!What do you think about it.Yeah I am soooo curious so please rate my pic,please!!!

I am in the process of making another poll,vote for that one too. 🙂

~Song goes out to everyone who has someone who knows they are gonna be there for them.~

Loving Life and Especially Others Shyshy6510


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4 Responses to “Poll/Picture!”

  1. Dexter333 Says:


    shyshy6510: hehe I had some weekend.

  2. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. behemothfiles Says:

    im bored and bella is my brand of heroin!

    shyshy6510: same here and umm ok……. you should make a gmail a.s.a.p.!

  4. Theflu01 A.K.A. Greeno Says:

    No Problem! How did you guess? lol

    shyshy6510: Well I had 2 9’s and 5 10’s and then you came so I knew it had to have been a 10! 🙂

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