Okay people my hits are somewhat normal so take a look at them–>>
picture-4My comments suck completely!I get like 1 comment a day and that is if I am lucky!This sucks majorly and blogging isn’t as fun as it was…. 😦

Word of Day: April Baby-meaning your a fool like April Fools. 😕
It isn’t saying people born in April are fools it is saying that someone who is a fool might be considered an “april baby”
Word was made up by Lil Wayne credit to http://urbandictionary.com 

To get more hits/comments could some of you give me some ideas to write about.If I get no comments what is the point of posting.Also I can’t stand people that check someone’s site and never comment,it is really really annoying.

The movie “Seven Pounds” is a very good movie,but young people might not understand it.It is about a guy (Will Smith) and he was texting on his phone while his girlfriend was in the car and crashed,in the process he killed 7 lives and he lived.What he wanted to do after that was save 7 lives or help 7 lives greatly and he did just that.The movie is great and I cried at the end because of everything that was going on.Great Movie.

Here is a website for great information on the “New Moon” movie –> http://thetwilightfansite.net/
Here are most of the wolves and Noot Seear (I believe)  is Heidi who comes into picture near the end of the book when Edward and Bella are in that hole place with the Volturi Guard and Heidi brings in the people as the other vampires snacks. I have no clue if she dies or not.
picture-5 School–>>
Well school is okay here are some things that happened today and some yesterday.
Gym (today) – Danielle and I brung our Nintendo DS lite’s to school and picto-chatted during S.S.R.Demere scratched me in the arm,in return he got hit in the face with a basketball 😆 Yeah don’t mess with me 🙂
Science – Learned about how we have tons of choices in life.Our risk areas our : Alcohol,Drugs,Tobacco,and Sex.Yeah we learned about objectification which is when a guy treats a girl as if she is an object which best believe guys we arent ❗  ❗
Social Studies- finished Christianity report (typing it on pc tomorrow).Got display board and umm…thats about it.
My day wasn’t the best,I basically got harassed about who my new boyfriend is,because he isn’t the cutest boy I could get.Okay but look how come people are asking me why I go with him when they haven’t had a boyfriend in forevere!!?? 👿 makes me mad that you hating on me and you don’t have a bf in the first place.I went out with someone in the 3rd (for a year),4th (a week(we don’t claim eachother)),5th (7 months) yeah and now 6th don’t hate on me 🙂

I am soooo bored and please comment 🙂

Shyshy6510 Out!

Oh and happy April 1st,2009!What prank did you play?? Here are a few we did –>>
-Danielle told her boyfriend that she got his name like shaved in the very back of her head (where you can’t see it). 😆 He believed her too.
-I told my bf I didn’t wanna go out with him anymore and he said, “Whatever,April Fool’s huh?” and I was like, “Yepperz!”.
-Danielle told Allie that she heard her talking her stuff again about Danielle and Allie freaked out and was like what did i say!!?? and Danielle was just Just playing just playing calm down.
-Danielle and Ricky went to pick me up and kept driving and it was raining!! 😦 I freaked out completely!
-On the announcements they told us that the secretary messed up and gave us too many days off and that Spring Break was cancelled.Everyone freaked out!!

Those were most of the good ones 🙂 


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6 Responses to “Hits/Comments!!”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Well duh, my hits are going down too. I barely got a comment today. But it’s fine I deal with this all the time. Though I’m starting to develop new viewers though from certain websites I go to. There’s one that has beta in it for several more months which a lot of people think I am really nice on. I can tell you if so.

    P.S. That dude’s site you commented on was a friend of mine from school.

    And don’t worry about your less comment thing. If you need me, I’ll tend to leave extra comments on here…

    shyshy6510: Thank you and I shall do the same 🙂 and yeah yeah ik ik about your friend person from school

  2. gardenax Says:

    as well as I do on other sites.

  3. gardenax Says:

    Lol crisis

    shyshy6510: 😆 i know

  4. '86 Rabbit Says:

    Some blogging tips:

    –More tags=more hits. Tag surfers will find you. For this post you could tag: Blog, April Fool, April Baby, Lil Wayne, Urban Dictionary, Word of the Day, Seven Pounds, Will Smith, Movies, New Moon, Twilight, Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Heidi, Volturi, Noot Seear, Vampires, Werewolves, School, Bored, Social Studies, Christianity, Nintendo DS, Spring Break.

    –More posts=more hits. Try to post something every day, even if it’s just something small.

    –Post things that people will want to comment on. People always want to talk about Twilight for example.

    –The more hits you get the more likely you are to have comments.

    Good luck!

    shyshy6510: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I am going to tag some things right now 🙂

  5. bloorieDuri Says:

    Great site this shyshy6510.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

    shyshy6510: Well Thank you and I hope you do become a regular visitor.

  6. Weiskopf Says:

    I’m just throwing this out there… Hayden Pantierre would’ve made a great Bella Swan. http://bit.ly/4G5pT1

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