Goals,Dreams,Hopes and OTHER!!


Here are some things a lot of people might wanna be –>>

Something that had to do with computers , model , doctor , nurse , lawyer , judge , pediatrician , surgeon , veterinarian , there are more those are some of the ones from the top of my head.

I would love I would soooo love to become a model.I can’t tell that to no one in real life or they would laugh 😆 because dreams don’t always come true.I think modeling is sooo cool and some people think that models act fake and snobby,but no and maybe it is part of their job so back off.I would love to be like Tyra Banks (without the weirdness 😆 ) with her long hair and the way she models is crazy!!! Modeling would be completely awesome. What would you like to become when you grow up?? 

Well today is Thursday which means a lot of things are getting updated on people’s blogs,like mine 😆 !!
New Poll and here are the results for the last one. (I am going to start just showing a picture besides typing down the results) –>>
Question: Did you like the KCA’S (Kid Choice Awards)
picture-101“Yes they rocked!” won obviously.The new poll has to do withClubpenguin,don’t ask I had no better ideas in my little itty bitty head. :mrgreen: 

Word of the Day : LDOC – Last day of class.Frequently used by Facebook or Myspace.

picture-11I couldn’t find a Spring Break picture so yeah…..The green things are palm trees I didn’t want them in the picture.I will be on Spring Break from April 4th-April 23rd which is counting the weekends and all that.You ask what are you doing for Spring Break.I am going to the I-X Indoor Amusement Park in Cleveland and I love their rides.Some people go on crazy rides like the “Demon Drop” which is when you are really high and the thing drops really fast and I hate it!! I love the “Zero Gravity” ride.The Zero Gravity ride is like a UFO type ride.You walk in and their is a DJ in the middle and a big rail circling him,and then there are blue walls around the UFO type thing.You lean up against the blue walls and the thing starts like moving and then sooner or later your stuck to the wall!!!It is sooo hard to get off and it like pulls your cheeks down from all the pressure,it gives you headaches,but I love the ride!!Oh and A’Mir is going to the I-X to I don’t know what day though.I might go twice.
Here are the 3 main rides we usually go on.or most of us atleast–>>
picture-12That you see is called the “Freak Out” because that is what you usually do when you get off of it.I cried my eyes out 😥 no lie I was scared to death my seatbelt was gonna come off and I was gonna fly off somewhere and hit another ride or something.Yeah I think about the worst and don’t embrace the moment.I refuse to get on this ride.
picture-13That is “Zero Gravity”.The ride rocks as you have read above if you aren’t lazy 😆 . That is my all time favorite ride!!! I love this ride!!
picture-14And this is the “Skater”,but we all call it the Skateboard.I hate this ride sooo much.I forget what ride is next to is,but I know that is always feels like the end of the skateboard is going to hit the top of the other ride because it goes up sooo high.I hate this ride also!!!

Shyshy6510 Out!


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5 Responses to “Goals,Dreams,Hopes and OTHER!!”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy, this is really cool how you moved the homepage. Now people need to click a lot just to comment. Maybe to get to this post and comment it will take 4 hits. Lol mine is 3 hits. Anyways, I saw a difference in your IP. Are you in Los Angeles or something? Oh and do you wanna know a really cool game under beta right now. It’s some game that has beta for a couple of months and how everything is free. Soon it will all be membership.

    shyshy6510: I am in Ohio!! Dammit it is probably one of those imposters or something.And Thanks for the home-page info and I am guessing your going to say pandanda? Am I right?

  2. umphulump55 Says:

    I want to be an author/writer when i grow up. and GUESS WUT?? THE EXACT SMAE THING WITH A RIDE HAPPENED TO ME! It was at six flags, my friend Ana and i were going on this cool/scary ride i had never been on before. it looked SO un-scary but when i got on it i LITTERALLY FELL OFF MY SEAT AND HIT THE GUY NEXT TO ME!! OMG OMG OMG I WAS SCREAMING I WAS CRYING MY EYES OUT!!!! Oh, im having a contest on my site, plz join if u can 😆

    shyshy6510: 😆 I’ll check out the contest and wow yeah I hated that ride! 👿 evil ride!!

  3. umphulump55 Says:

    Oh, ive road a ride like zero gravity b4.

    shyshy6510: my fave ride! 🙂

  4. drkshadow17 Says:


    shyshy6510: 😆 we get this weekend,next week,that weekend,and then monday off 🙂

  5. sony24dah Says:

    I went to the fair yesterday April 5th. An i rode freak out (i live in florida but they have “The Fair,Be There”,And it was awesome! I rode it like 3 times! Im on spring break from the 4th-12th on the 13th we have school…:(

    shyshy6510: I hate the “Freak out” because that is always what I do when i ride it.I cired 😥 when I rode it and haven’t gotten on it since 😆 . And that sounds pretty fun and we go back the 14th 🙂

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