Today April 3rd,2009


Well today was a truly awesome day for me,some of the reasons shall be listed below.

Well today was movie day and we watched the movie “Bolt” about the super dog!!Well I didn’t wave to A’mir this morning so he came up to me at the movie and said did you come to school late?I was like no and he was like oh I didn’t see you and stood behind me.Cheyenne whispered in my ear how come he is keeping tabs on you and I was like i dont know and then she was like I think he likes you and I was like he better we go out.And she was like,”OMG,you could’ve filled me in atleast!” because she just came back because of sprained ankle.Well and then A’mir sat next to me during the whole movie he was being super funny and kept trying to hold my hand it is sooo funny how hard he tries when all he has to do is ask me! 🙂 😆 That was some of the good part.
We got called down to the Dance during 8th period which means we had two whole periods (1 hour and 30 mins.) to dance.I don’t dance I sit in the bleachers with Cheyenne and Cherish and we always bring money so we can buy snacks and stuff 😆 Well like A’mir didn’t talk to me at all during the Dance and he is really sad he won’t see me for like a whole week now.The Dance was fun though!

Word of the Day: flat out – meaning extremely busy.
Jane:Can you go to the movies with me??
Susie:Nah I am totally flat out this weekend.
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Shyshy6510 out!

Do you know what your getting for Easter??
From my grandma I asked for a Twilight poster of Jacob/Taylor if she can find one.And I have no clue what I am getting from mom,probably just a whole bunch of candy!


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3 Responses to “Today April 3rd,2009”

  1. lizilla Says:

    NICE! I loooove my Jacob Black ( Taylor) poster. I am both team Edward and Jacob I love both.

    shyshy6510: 😆 I am more of a Jacob girl and awesome that you have a poster!!!I want one sooo0 badly!

  2. gardenax Says:

    Lol Shyshy my Disney Vs. Club Penguin post is making a lot of hits. Like everyday I get a comment from a mysterious person I don’t know.

    shyshy6510: 😆 since have started tagging I get atleast 1 mysterious commentor

  3. drkshadow17 Says:

    u can always find jacob posters!! i wanted 2 get a twilight poster but they only had jacob posters!!

    shyshy6510: SOOO AWESOME!! I asked my gma for a jacob poster for Easter I hope she buys me it ! 🙂

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