Hows it goin?


Well people I am bo0red again.Surprise?I think not.

Today we went to calling hours for a funeral,acme for food,and pet supplies plus for hamster food.My dead aunt’s boyfriend’s dad died so we went to calling hours.You ask how did he die.Well they say that he was in a car accident and had heart problems and a couple of days later his heart stopped.There were sooo many people crying I was in a terrible situation 😥

Anyways how is your spring break going? Mine is boring still and I have had no calls from Danielle about the i-x indoor amusement park.

My dad called today and he told me he would give me 20$ for entry to the i-x and 20$ to spend.He also said that he was going to take me to Dots or Fashion Bug this week to buy me some spring/summer outfits.Oh and he bought me 8 pairs of flip flop’s in like all different colors.My daddy he sells used cars for a living and obviously he sold a car and is spending money left and right 😆 because he usually just doesn’t give me stuff like that.

Shyshy6510 out

Oh and did you hear about the Brad and Angelina thing?We were at Acme and I was lookin at the magazines and it said “it’s all Jen’s fault” and by that they mean Jennifer Aniston.It also said “Brad wants all 6 kids” and “Angelina is fighting for them” on the papers.I wonder what happened??

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2 Responses to “Hows it goin?”

  1. behemothfiles Says:

    i quit because i do more work on my site to make yall happy than cp does making kids buy memeberships and using it on crack and cocaine so thanks for nothin

    ~behemoth….. i cant even say it. 😦

    shyshy6510: sorry about that behemoth but to tell you the truth you really didn’t post on your site that’s why i stopped visiting it.

  2. gardenax Says:

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    Currently they are hacking PengSpace. The other day, the hackers spammed the owner of PengSpace’s page like crazy with over 200 comments, a moderator almost got tricked into downloading a virus, and one of the hackers spammed swear words on PengSpace citizen’s pictures.

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    ~ |Globalsavior|

    P.S. WordPress has been already notified about this hacker. So don’t worry eventually the hackers will get caught and arrested.

    shyshy6510: wow thanks garden for all the great info! 🙂

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