Updates,Poll Results,and More!!


Everyone is probably like where is shy at??Well I left for two days to go to Courtney’s house.We had a very ery berry fun time.
We watched the movie “The Cookout” at her house and here are some lines if you have saw it.
*Hillbilly voice* “Bye Luscious.I’ll see you later”
“Man your pockets bout to be swollen!!You gonnna be able to buy a house,a car,an eight track like mine,a thousand packs of Now and Laters!!”

I’m gonna say the first one to A’mir because I see him in the morning and I’m gonna do my country voice and be like “Bye Luscious,Imma see you later” 😆 

CP UPDATES – I have deleted the “CP Blog Posts” page I updated “Cp Newspaper” page and I have updated the “CP Catalog Cheats” page and I have ALSO updated the “Pins/Free Items” page which now includes the Easter Egg Hunt cheats so check them all out and leave me a comment.

I go back to school on Tuesday and Courtney might stay tonight on Sunday.Her and I have to do Social Studies reports.I have to do a display on Christianity and she has to do a display on Buddhism.We both did our reports and I might re-type hers because she made a ton of spelling errors!! 😆 She still my bestie though!

The Poll Results are here and I am now just going to post the picture. –>>
picture-41The answer “Yes” won as you can see.I voted “Sometimes” new poll on the way! [It is about music]

Okay well some people listen to singers/rappers like Lil Wayne,Keri Hilson,T-Pain,Bow Wow.Some people listen to that crazy rock music like Slip Knot and Metallica.Some people listen to country music and I have no preferred country singers.And some people listen to Pop music which would be Fergie,The Ting Tings,Britney Spears,Lady GaGa.VOTE ON THE POLL!

This is my favorite song –>> [it is my lead song on my myspace profile http://myspace.com/dumbo_lvr

It is called “Knock You Down” by Keri Hilson Ft.Kanye West and Ne-Yo 


Word of the Day
Echo Chamber : Someone who always agrees with someone else.
Brought to you by http://urbandictionary.com  

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2 Responses to “Updates,Poll Results,and More!!”

  1. gardenax Says:

    WTF?! How can you say “Yay” on my site when there are over 20,000 people in jeopardy of loosing 4 sites by a group of hackers?

    shyshy6510: I meant about pengspace. DBD

  2. gardenax Says:

    I have like 2,067 comments. I don’t make comments like I used to before. I can barely beat a record from December’s contest.

    shyshy6510: Oh wow and yeah you don’t,December contest? I don’t remember it,must’ve been a commenting contest.

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