Easter Egg Hunting!!


A lot of people are having Easter Egg Hunting on their blog.NO I DIDN’T COPY PEOPLE.The first person I saw do it was Drk at http://crazyflyingmonkeys.wordpress.com/ so visit her site and participate to!

There will be 6 eggs hidden all around my website.Your job is to find them with the help of some rhyming riddles and some not rhyming.The riddles may not make sense,but think about the key words in it and you’ll find it out soon!! 😆 I love rhymes!!

All the eggs will look different and aren’t giant sized so scroll through the whole page/post and I got the pictures from google if your wondering.The eggs can be in posts and pages and all of them will be on this website.I will not be giving out clues.
When you find an egg you must comment [I will be having comments in moderation while this is going on] the pages they were on.

Here are the riddles!

1.)Clubpenguin is fun and can be lame.It has got some fame and some shame. 
2.)Home is where I go when I need a place to stay.I sit near the beach by the bay.
3.)I got a boyfriend,do you?
4.)Mr.Cha Ching is in this post.Does he have any bling bling?
5.) A bee has 5 eyes.Its time for me to say bye bye….

Do we get a prize you ask.Yes you do.Your prize shall be a post with all the people’s names who participated and their blog’s name and what I think about their blog.I only say good things about people,so you can hope for the best! 🙂

Shy out!

PS.Word of the Day-
Niteflix:Dreams so complex they seem like movies. I have niteflix’s sometimes.
Brought to you by http://urbandictionary.com

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10 Responses to “Easter Egg Hunting!!”

  1. umphulump55 Says:

    1. CORRECT

  2. umphulump55 Says:

    2. CORRECT

    shyshy6510: 3.4.5.?

  3. gardenax Says:

    1) CORRECT
    2) CORRECT
    3) CORRECT
    4) CORRECT
    5) WRONG Garden that egg doesn’t count

  4. Demi Says:

    Okay So you did give her credit.If you didnt go to my site resantly witch you probobly didnt i said you should give credit to drk, UMP, AND ME.We all did it!If you want to know what else i said you might as well go to my site!


    shyshy6510: yeah yeah i checked

  5. Virgo- girl(: Says:

    I found them!

    1. CORRECT
    2. CORRECT
    3. CORRECT
    4. CORRECT
    5. CORRECT

    Happy Easter!

    shyshy6510: Good Job Virgo!!

  6. makee3 Says:


    Thanks For Posting This It Was Fun!


    shyshy6510: Good Job Makee3!Your name shall be in the Winners post!

  7. elitepengarmy Says:

    1. CORRECT
    2. CORRECT
    3. CORRECT
    4. CORRECT
    5. CORRECT


    shyshy6510: Good Job Shimbo!You shall be in my Winners post!

  8. elitepengarmy Says:

    Oops, wrong account!
    That was me, Shimbo37

    shyshy6510: 😆 ok

  9. Demi Says:

    egg5: CORRECT

    shyshy6510: gOOB jOB! Your name will be on my winner’s post.

  10. Dexter333 Says:

    1. CORRECT

    2. CORRECT

    3. emm i dont know it yet 🙂 look again later later…lolz

    4. CORRECT

    5. CORRECT

    shyshy6510: sorry dex contest is over now,but u did a very ery berry good jobz!
    ( No. 63)

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