Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to all of you people out there!

What I got: a ton of candy and packs of gum,a yellow polo shirt for school,a white polo shirt for school,and 10 dollars.I wanted a Twilight Jacob Black poster and that was it but nooooo……my grandma said I can take the 10 dollars and go buy one!My uncle [he is 13] and I got the same thing besides the fact his polo’s are different colors.We got “Game Party 2” and “Indiana Jones the Original Adventure  Lego” for the Wii we are playing them when we get back 🙂

picture-2We are leaving at 1:00pm to go to my great-grandma’s house [she is 87] to go to Easter Egg Hunting.If you have never been Easter Egg Hunting there is something seriously wrong with you.If you haven’t here is basically what you do.You run around wild searching for plastic easter eggs that may contain various candies or money!! We sometimes find money,but it is only like 25 cents and if we’re lucky it’s a dollar 🙂


Those are the wonderful things we run to find.My mom said I couldn’t search this year because I was too old [I’m 11,I turn 12 May 23rd] and then my grandma said too old she is only 11!So therefore I shall be running and searching for candy this year on my great-grandma’s acre of land! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.Go to church,find eggs,have a little party,or just chill for a day whatever you find fun for Easter go ahead and do it!


UPDATE: We just got back from my great-grandma’s house and it was fun over-all.The Easter Egg Hunt I didn’t get to participate in.My grandma has two bathrooms and I was waiting to use one while the little kids starting hunting for eggs.By the time I got in the bathroom the big kids and little kids were practically done.I got out sooo mad and my mom was like hurry Shy there are some over here.We had a ton of food there but my aunt Kim’s pie thing was the bestest.I said it was like heaven on my tongue 😆 . It was pie crust and then cream cheese bits of oranges.She is in some food club and she gets a ton of good recipes from it.Hmm what else did we do.Me and my sister raced down the hill and she fell and then got back up and ran to the top,therefore I lost and she cheated.I had fun overall. 


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5 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. umphulump55 Says:

    I know how to turn the pic into html. upload it on photobucket, then it’ll give u the html to copy and paste 😀

  2. umphulump55 Says:

    No problem Shy!

  3. Pink Porcupi Says:

    Lucky,I didn’t get anything not even an Easter Basket

    shyshy6510: Well you should be 👿 that is like soooo messed up!

  4. Pink Porcupi Says:

    Oh I’m Cca btw

    shyshy6510: 😆 Ok i have saw that avatar somewhere before.

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