Slumdog Millionaire


My grandma got this movie last night and I love it.The movie won 8 Oscars and 76 wins from different ceremonies.It also got nominated for 25 other awards.The movie is a 5 star rating as you can see and I love the movie and I hope my grandma buys it! 🙂

Tagline: Love and Money….you have mixed them both.

Here is a summary I wrote so please don’t copy it.

The movie Slumdog Millionaire is about an 18 year old boy named Jamal Malik (Dev Patel).Jamal gets a chance to be on a show called “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” and a chance to win 20,000 rupees (rupees are money in India and other places).He answers the questions and no one knows how a slumdog can answer these amazingly hard questions.Most doctors,lawyers and other people of great authority only get to 16,000 rupees and here a slumdog who has the job of a chai wallah can answer these questions.They wonder how he answers these questions.He answers them because throughout his life he has come across the answer to most of them.One question is about who invented the Revolver.He knows this because he has been face to face with a Revolver before.It asks about what the God Rama’s weapon is.He knows this because he has seen the weapon before because he was almost attacked with it.Jamal leads an extraordinary life with the help of his brother Salim (young Salim:Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail) and Latika (young Latika:Rubiana Ali).He falls in love with Latika,but soon leaves her to almost never see her again.Throughout the movie it leaves you wanting more and just wondering what happens next.See it,if your like me you’ll love it.

I love the movie.It is now my all-time favorite movie.The movie is subtitle in some parts and not in others,it is on and off.

Teenage Salim is Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala!! I saw him in the movie and was like wow he is cute.I wrote his name down and searched him on google and OMG :shocked: he is soooo cute!He is 15,unfortunately,but oh well he is still cute.I shall tell you know teenage Salim is very ery berry bad and screwed up a lot of people’s lives while he was a teenager.

I love the movie and you need to see it a.s.a.p. I have been saying all day “I just wanna watch that movie again” and my friend Courtney has been getting sooo annoying,but oh well 🙂


Tomorrow we go back to school.I want to because I get to see everyone again and I just wanna be around friends again.


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6 Responses to “Slumdog Millionaire”

  1. Dexter333 Says:

    lolz i get this whole week off! but im not seeing much of my friends lately….

    shyshy6510: we just got off of spring break!! 🙂

  2. drkshadow17 Says:

    today iz my *counts* 5th day of spring break! well, includin the weekends

    shyshy6510: 😆 you must be happy.we go back tomorrow 🙂 i get to see my bf

  3. Sssaam Says:

    I saw that movie last night. Everyone said it was amazing and it seemed to win everything at the Oscars, but I really wasn’t that amazed by it. It was no match for “Knowing” with Nicholas Cage. That movie was awesome!!

    Keep It Real
    The Panic Button

    shyshy6510: yea a lot of people love that movie [like me] and i havent saw the movie with nicholas cage.

  4. drkshadow17 Says:

    yea, im kinda happy.


    shyshy6510: I have never even heard of that movie before….

  5. Justrokstar Says:

    ye. wow ur blog turned more confusing 😛

    shyshy6510: 😆 I know! rofl

  6. Virgo- girl(: Says:

    I love that movie! Oh and btw… chai wallah means the one who brings tea… i know b/c I can understand it. Haha I understood everything they said, even during the parts when they had subtitles, cause that’s basically my native language! I like Dev Patel ❤


    shyshy6510: so your Hindi or something??

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