My day pretty much sucked

School was boring and me and A’mir barely talked.Mrs.S***** got to pick like 50 kids to go camping and I wasnt picked.It is mainly because she knows I hate her ugly dark crispy burnt bald spotted looking self,but oh well! 🙂 I was only mad because like all of my friends are going and A’mir.They leave tomorrow after school and then they miss school all Thursday and they’ll be back Friday.Which means I can’t walk home with A’mir Wednesday or Thursday which ya know pretty much sucks! 👿

When I came home it was raining and my hair got wet.Therefore I had to re-straighten it which took a good 20 minutes.My dad called so I changed and we drove to Dot’s which is a women’s clothing store.I got a yellow butterfly shirt,a white shirt that has a skull in the middle and then pink designs on the side and Rock at the top and Roll on the bottom,and I got a orange shirt that says “Tell me why I need a boyfriend again” which I like.We also got a pair of black bermudas (pants that go to the knee),blue jean capris and a pair of brown bermudas that are jogging material.My dad gave me a pair of yellow,green,orange,and brown flip flops.He is taking my 6 year old brother Marco like in 2 weeks to the mall to get his ears pierced.I am going to!!I am going to have my ears double pierced which is going to be sooooo cool because I can have a stub earring at the top and then a hoop earring at the bottom!CANT WAIT!!!Oh and my dad spent 77.85$ in all on my beautiful lookin self!

That was about all of my day!



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2 Responses to “Boredomness”

  1. Sam Says:

    yo ShyShy. Awesome blog! Can I ( ) sponsor you? Like when i get stuff give them you and things like that? thanks


    shyshy6510: I don’t understand that and thanks for the compliment! I’m going to leave the link up since your new and all

  2. drkshadow17 Says:

    u have to be PICKED to go camping?? that sucks…. 😦

    i have a Dots here and its OK…i used to get stuff from there but now i dont cuz i barely go there 😀 how many flip flops do u own?!!?

    shyshy6510: yeah we had to be picked and she didnt pick me!!!! and hmm i have a green and pink pair,a blue flower pair,a yellow,orange,green,brown pair and thats 6!! 🙂

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