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Well here are just some everyday things happening on my life and things I notice.

I got the book Inkheart today by Cornelia Funke today and so far it is good,I am on about page 30.

Have you ever saw those Billy Mays commercials!??Today there was one on insurance and OMG that dude needs to stop moving his freaking hands,it is sooooo annoying!!

The kids got to go camping today 😥 I didn’t get picked!Mrs.S***** officialy sucks!!!At 9:30pm they get to go on a Night Hike,which sounds somewhat fun besides the fact it is supposed to rain here for the next 2-4 days.And my bf got to go,but sorry dude I don’t really consider him like my bf.We don’t talk a lot and we don’t go places together so it’s pointless!

My life sucks.

It rained today and is supposed to for a long time and my the ends of my hair got wet.Seeing how I straighten my hair it got curly.I was super duper mad.I found out I am going to wear it in a side ponytail tomorrow and curl the ponytail even though like no one is gonna be at school I still gotta try my best to look cute! 🙂

Have you ever liked someone like superly duperly a lot!!! I do like right now AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!!It’s crazy…. 

Shyshy6510 out!

Here is my favorite song.I wanna ask someone all of the questions,but I know I can’t.It’s impossible for right now.I actually broke out in tears thinking about that person and the song,how much my life would be better if that person came back into it…I wish that person would come back,oh how I wish on a shooting star. I miss you 😥 , don’t forget.

Songs called “Don’t Forget” by Demi Lovato.

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5 Responses to “Just Stuff”

  1. gardenax Says:

    On the forum: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/hackers-keep-threatening-me?replies=7 about Watex being hacked, I have no idea to that. First of the hacker and watex are very famous for beta testing the Club Penguin (online game) website 3-4 years ago. But for some reason, Chewypup likes hacking a lot. He made a forum with a sexual background last year.

    He’s no predophile, he’s just like normal pre-teens – teens over the internet. Over Watex’s chatroom, Chewy started hacking people, swearing, spamming, etc. There was one more famous dude who got hacked on his chatbox too. Since then, lots of teenagers and kids have cursed him; saying his name was about chewing puppies and called him Screwypup.

    Now then I met a new friend who had a chatbox, he let me be a moderator on there, weeks later he was tricked by Chewypup into taking his chat. I mean he didn’t own it, but he put up a background that didn’t even involve the real owner on there. I started cursing at my friend, at least until he figured out that he was tricked. Somehow he managed to get the chat back. There was no telling why Chewypup was like that in the past. He doesn’t hack anymore. He’s actually a nice person.

    Last June, one of his assistants, Mohd222 cursed him out on his own chatbox. They fought over one site. I probably guess that’s why he stopped hacking, or it was probably since it the Key Logger hack began from another person. But yet again you will never know, he could be planning a big hack.

    ~ |Global|

    shyshy6510: Wow I have only heard of the dude once or twice,but I guess he is some big bad thing all of a sudden.

  2. puppygal376 Says:

    I got bored of Inkheart really quick, I should probably try reading it again, but I’m reading Uglies now lol.
    Billy Mays is very annoying! I mean we can all hear you loud and clear buddy you don’t have to yell! 😆
    Sorry about your boyfriend. If your relationship is like that then you should probably break up with him (before he breaks up with you, you don’t wanna end up heart broken). There’s no point in stressing over a guy who doesn’t even say that much to you, not having a bf can save you lots of stress.

    shyshy6510:Oh I read uglies and lost my pretties book and read the back of the specials book and ruined the whole series!! 😆 and yeah Billy Mays is soooo annoying he needs to zip the lips every once in a while!And yeah and then im stressed over my ex because I wanna see him sooooo badly 😥 and I can’t! It makes me sad and mad at the same time.My current bf likes me a lot its just he never talks to me which is very ery berry freaking annoying!Thanks for all the feedback! 🙂

  3. Sam Says:

    Yeh I’ve liked someone alot. Well i was goin out wit her once. until she broke up wit me. 😥

    – 🙂 Sam 🙂

    shyshy6510: Well that’s not good to hear,but my bf now is very boring and my ex from last year moved and didn’t tell anyone and I wish I could ya know see him again which I know isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  4. Shimbo37 Says:

    The polls for Penguin Choice Awards09 are now up!
    Meaning that everyone can now vote for who they think deserves the award…
    You can *click here* to see the polls and nominee’s.

    The more votes you get, the closer you get to winning!
    So send some penguins to my site now !

    Good luck!


  5. umphulump55 Says:

    Billy mays screams LIKE THIS WHEN HES TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510: 😆 soooo true!

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