Anyone use ? I do!My grandpa got me a year subscription of “Seventeen” magazine.

I think the magazine is somewhat good.It is mainly all about clothes.I love the “Embarrassing Moments” section, “Horoscopes” section, and the mini-mag inside the mag which shows “Seventeen’s 17 hottest guys!”.

I am a Gemini and my horoscope says: You’ll give off great vibes this month, and plenty of guys will be attracted to your up-beat attitude.Enjoy the attention,but don’t let guys be your sole focus.A close friend will need your help big time on May 20 , and luckily Neptune will help you offer her some great solutions. Wanna know yours?Give me your sign and I’ll leave it in a reply.

The best embarrassing moments story I thought was : “Rubbed” the wrong way
“My boyfriend came over for dinner one night,and when he sat down across from me,I thought I’d be flirty and rub my foot up and down his leg.Then after dinner , I asked him how he liked the massage , and he just looked at me and laughed and said , ‘What massage ?’ . It turned out that I was rubbing my 82-year-old grandpa’s leg.I think I’, traumatized for life.”

Here are the Seventeen’s 17 hottest guys and some of what they said :
1.)Zac Efron 😕 – Zac believes in love at first sight and cried over his 1st grade girlfriend when she dumped him. See HSM and 17 again.
2.)Chace Crawford – A pretty funny guy from Gossip Girl,says grls would be surprised to know he has an amazing Wii tennis backhand.New episodes of Gossip Girl on Mon. nights on the CW.
3.)Robert Pattinson 🙂 – No one has heard of him before Twilight,but know he is in.He was obsessed with this girl for 10 years and never spoke to her.He thinks thats the best type of love because you always have some kind of hope. See him in Twilight as Edward Cullen.
4.)Jesse McCartney – Singer-songwriter fan of flirty texts and girls who make the first move.See him in Greek Mon. nights on ABC Family and his new CD Departure Recharged
5.)Jay Lyon – Whitney Port’s Bf,uses the accent to impress girls.See him in new episodes of The City later this year on MTV and his band Tamarama’s debut album in September.
6.)Bow Wow 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Singer loves it when a girl holds him tight on the dance floor.See him in his new album New Jack City II and Season 6 of Entourage Sun. nights on HBO.
7.)Ryan Sheckler – He is sensitive and sporty.See him in Life of Ryan and Season 2 available on DVD April 21st.
8.)Daren Kagasoff – A total player :shocked:  on The Secret Life of the American Teenager,but in real life girls freak him out!! 😕 See him in Season 2 of Secret Life on ABC starting in June.
9.)Tristan Wilds – Very romantic and a smile is the first thing that draws him to a girl.See him in 90210 Tue. nights on CW.
10.)Kellan Lutz 🙂 – He once flashed his Twilight costars and was a great kisser.The girls liked him [in 3rd and 4th] because when they played Truth or Dare he always held them 🙂 when he got dared to kiss them.See him in Twilight as Emmett Cullen.
11.)Ed Westwick – His British accent draws in some girls and backfires on others.See him in Gossip Girl Mon. nights on CW and S.Darko on DVD April 28th.
12.)Jonas Brothers – The sensitive one,girl crazy hottie,or hilarious big bro which one is your favorite?Nick feels nervous dating,Kevin feels happy and Joe feels hungry? :???:See them in the new show Jonas on Disney channel starting in May.
13.)Ne-yo – The singer/songwriter says he was never the hot guy in high school.What makes him a good kisser is because he has big lips! (rofl) See him in the new movie Venice Beach and his new album,both out next year!
14.)Chris Pine – He likes girls who have the courage to be themselves.See him in Princess Diaries 2 and Startrek in theatres May 8th.
15.)Penn Badgley – He thinks passion is the most important part of a relationship.See him in Gossip Girl Mon. nights on the CW and in the movie The Stepfather in theatres this fall.
16.)Boys Like Girls – They notice the girls that have eye connection.Sometime they stare at the same girl all the way throughout the show.She must feel special! 🙂 .Catch them on their second album due in July.
17.)TAYLOR LAUTNER!! -SHOULDNT HE BE 1!!!!!!!Aghhhh 👿 anyways!!!… He is really romantic [if only I were older and famous] and he likes to bring a girl simply flowers simply to show his appreciation for her.OMG I LOVE HIM!!!

If you people have been wondering who my my cbf is here he is–>>
picture-31CBF is celebrity boyfriend.His name is Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala.Foreign names are soooooo cute!!!He plays the second part of Salim’s life in Slumdog Millionaire.

Long post……took forever to type…. *pants* *breathes hard*…..i hope you read it…
Shy out


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11 Responses to “Seventeen!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Libra 😀 (Sep 23 – Oct 22) 😉 . I go on 😀 well sometimes.


    shyshy6510: Your usually the flirt of the group,but this time it’s your friends who are getting girls.And when they ditch you for their new GF’s,you’ll get super mad.Mercury’s move on the 18th will make you wanna send a mean text,but that will only make things work!

  2. Sam Says:

    Well I hope the girls THEY get won’t be the girl I love 😦 . Help!!!!!!!!!!!!


    shyshy6510: Awww you love someone!!!!!! That’s soooooo cute!!!! How old are you anyways??

  3. drkshadow17 Says:

    scorpio 😀

    well, i think. my b-day iz November 17th


    shyshy6510: Rob is pretty cute too,and that was rumored Drk,he does wash his hair.
    I will give you your horoscope Monday!

  4. sony24dah Says:

    me have the same horoscope as shyshy

    shyshy6510: cool!

  5. Sam Says:

    Oh I’m 11, 12 in September.

    shyshy6510: yes I’m older than someone!That sooooo awesome though btw i turn 12 may 23rd

  6. gardenax Says:

    Is this site becoming a gossip about celebs?

    shyshy6510: somewhat it is random…..

  7. gardenax Says:

    Oh I remember what I was gonna ask you again. When is your blog’s birthday? The 21st?

    shyshy6510: Either 20th or 21st check the About me page.

  8. Annie aka 15angel7 Says:

    Hehe I’m Gemini too =]

    shyshy6510: Geminis rock! 🙂

  9. drkshadow17 Says:


    shyshy6510: rofl 😆 all the way!

  10. kylie Says:

    ashutosh is sooooo adorable:)

    yes ashutosh lobo gajiwala is my man … dont try to steal him!!! 🙂

  11. Shirley Says:

    his my man his hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    taylor…. lautner… is MY MAN!!

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