New Moon Cast


This is the OFFICIAL New Moon Cast

I first saw the video on

I personally think Alex Meraz (Paul),Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black),and Cameron Bright (Alec) are the best looking,but that’s my opinion.

What do you think about the New Moon cast?


Oh and people I am having “boyfriend troubles.”I told him “we basically don’t  go out” and he got mad and said “how!?” and I was like “we don’t talk and don’t do anything together” and he was like “that’s your fault you don’t wanna give me hugs or anything” and I simply walked away and said “sorry:.I am sorry I don’t like PDA (Public Display of Affection) and that’s just me.What should I possible do?We have been dating since the Tuesday before Spring Break and we don’t have eachother’s numbers or anything.When they all went to camp they came back and Kaylyn was like “so you go with A’mir?”And I was like “how do you know?” and he said he told us all at camp.I have people coming up to all the time saying “why do you go with ugly A’mir” you know what people need to stfu for real.And then what makes me mad is that they ask me that and they don’t even have a boyfriend.Anyways…what should I do?


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2 Responses to “New Moon Cast”

  1. Annie aka 15angel7 Says:

    Aw Im said to here about the boyfriend troubles! I’ll tell you what I think even though I’m no good at this stuff because I’ve never had a boyfriend(and perfectly happy with that) and im only 13, lol.
    Maybe have a talk with your boyfriend? I mean like at a good time where he is in a good mood and like chat to him about the stuff and yeah.
    Oh and Maybe spend more time together? Doing something fun you guys both like?

    Ahhhh I suck at this im sorry… 😆
    Good luck with it =]

    shyshy6510: Wow your 13!I have had 3 boyfriends and I am 11 🙂 Well hey some people don’t care for them. 😆 Thanks for the help!

  2. drkshadow17 Says:

    Cameron Bright iz so cuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the dude who plays Sam doesnt look old enough but i guess it dnt matter cuz i think hes supposed to look dat young.

    why dont u guys……………..idk. sorry im not help

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