Wow…I’m dumb….


Okay if you like to surf the youtube channel you may have saw the “Evolution Of Dance” by Judson Laipply.He came to our school to make us laugh as he said.We have OAT’S next week.OAT stands for Ohio Achievement Test.6th Graders have to do Language Arts and Math Monday and Tuesday.It is going to be sooo dumb.Anyways the Comedian is hilarious.He came there and did the dance and he told us that no matter what anyone does,says,tells to you that you’ll always be worth something and have value.He had this 5 dollar bill and was yelling at it and ripped it up (It was fake ofcourse,we didn’t know that) and spit on it and we all still wanted it.It’s because we are always going to be worth something and no matter what anyone says about us we are always going to be loved by someone.It’s a fact.And he was like how come bottles of water have expiration dates?Then he was like have you ever saw someone drink some water and then spit it out and say MAN THIS WATER IS STALE!!We was all laughin soo hard.If I knew he was a famous comedian I would’ve gotten an autograph,but no as I said I’m dumb….

Watch the video–>>

It’s funny



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5 Responses to “Wow…I’m dumb….”

  1. clubjorga151 Says:

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  2. puppygal376 Says:

    That guy can definitely dance better than me! LOL! And that’s a good message that he taught too!

    shyshy6510: lol same here! 🙂 and sure is!

  3. Jay Says:

    Lol, i wish a comedian would come to my school!
    I want to be a comedian when I grow up, you’re so lucky.


    P.S. Excuse me if that HTML didn’t work.

    shyshy6510: It did,but on the wrong thing

  4. Jay Says:

    Lol. That’s dumb, it highlighted the P.S. Rofl.

    HDJGRE !9 85437!!

    shyshy6510: What was all that about? lol and yea it did

  5. Eve82768lyn Says:

    In the home page, how can the post not be there? Can u tell me? All posts are in the Posts page and not in the home page. I’m confused.

    shyshy6510: There is a Post page and a Home-Page.Get it?Got it?Good

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