ScHooL aNd WeeKenD


School has been ok I guess.Friday on my way to 5th period this one guy (who shall not be named) and my boyfriend handed me notes.The one guy’s note said “Will you go out with me circle yes or no” and my boyfriend’s said “Are You Cheating On Me!!!”.I guess the one guy started a whole bunch of rumors saying that I’m supposably “cheating” on my boyfriend.Then I asked my bf “So I am cheating on you with who again!?” and he said they just said you were they didn’t say with who.And then I was talking to Maurice on myspace and he said that he got me and his cousin together and then he said I’m just playin.Then I said yeah they said I was cheatin,but with who I mean no one likes me besides my bf.And he said wow…..a know quite a few guys that like you.So I said tell me please and he said it doesn’t matter because you ain’t gonna date none of them anyways plus you got a boyfriend.We also practiced marching band 9th period and OMG it is sooo hard.Like we gotta have our clarinets down and our heads and our left hand behind our back.And then we say “Go East Go” and when we say Go we lift our heads,East we lift out left leg and move our arm to the front and then on Go we put our clarinets in front.It is hard as ever!!!!!!!!

My weekend well Friday I came home and my grandma told me I had to go to my mom’s.My mom wasn’t answering.Soooo I went outside and Jason and Antione came down the street on their bikes.We hung out for like 2 hours on my basketball and just talking.They saw my boyfriend and they asked him if he knew where I live and he said No and then Antoine said What!!! I walked her home the other day and then Jason said yeah me to.They said they was pissin him off sooooo badly.That is only partly true though Antoine stops at the corner and then walks home because we pass my house and Jason is always at my house with me playing basketball.Then around 6:10pm Danielle called and asked me if I wanted to go see Obsessed.My grandma was asking me like what is it rated (PG 13) and how much was it (7.50$).The movie was good and Beyonce Knowles is officially the best!!

Sooooo far Saturday I basically woke up and sat outside on my porch for 3 hours hoping I would see someone.My grandpa decided that he wanted to go fishing so we are about to go.At 3pm though I am calling my dad and asking him if I can go get my ears pierced double and I will take a picture after I get them done.

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LoVe Is UnCoNtRoLlAbLe.

Have you ever watched the Boondocks on Adult Swim. Here is a song from it (copy/paste) from Ganstalicious.The song is called Homies over Hoes and if you ain’t allowed to hear cuss words definitely don’t watch it.Me and my friends sing that song all the time and do the dance. “Hola Senor Pinata” “Don’t trust them new niggas over there—” Those are both quotes the first one is from when Grandad (John Witherspoon) got beaten by an old blind man (the first time) and the second one is from when Uncle Ruckus (from the episode Garden Party) saw some black people entering basically an all white party.

LaDi S.


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2 Responses to “ScHooL aNd WeeKenD”

  1. Sam Says:

    I like you (as a friend) and friday went okay for me..


    shyshy6510: good to hear for both things

  2. drkshadow17 Says:

    friday was boring for me….

    BUT TODAY IZ LIKE 85°!!!!! its finally not that cold 😀

    shyshy6510: same here besides seeing obsessed and yeah it is soooo much hotter

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