Have you ever…..


Have you ever liked someone sooo much that you don’t know what you would do if you could never hear from them or see them again.

Well my boyfriend is moving and that is sorta how I feel.

He is moving to Orville,Ohio where ever the hell that place is that I officially hate this weekend.

It isn’t his fault,it’s his parents.

I love him soooo much he has no clue.

He says that he will call me everyday and see me when he comes to visit his dad on the weekends.

How do I know if all this is true?

Fact is I don’t. 

It sucks.

Love sucks.



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2 Responses to “Have you ever…..”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Gardena Chilly says, “Haah Orville’s Popcorn. So now what, you choose to be a virgin? No worries, I feel your pain. I once had a girlfriend and felt the same way when I heard she was moving away. A year later, in a dream, I saw her sitting on a log next to a river dressed beautifully in a kimono. Not a lie.”

    ~ |Global|

    shyshy6510: umm ok and virgin? man thats funny as hell…. not me

  2. Greeno: Different Comnp Says:

    Yes I had that happen recently

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