Summer is Here!


Summer is here soooo let’s give a great big cheer!!!!

I am on Summer vacation.. have been since June 4th at 3:10pm.  That day I went to my best friend’s house.  Had lots of fun there. Believe it or not, but I have developed a crush on her cousin.  He rocks.  If you knew him… you would know.  Anyways I came back home Monday.  I had tons of fun there.. but this girl wants to fight me.  Some stuff happened, but hey oh well right.

How has your summer been??

The blog is back!!!

I will be editing tons of things over the next couple of days.. but please tell your friends and start visiting again!!!


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One Response to “Summer is Here!”

  1. drkshadow17 Says:

    wow, i think my skool iz one of the last to end. i dont get out til june 24th.

    so happy you’re back!! ive missed you and your posts 😀 woah, its been exactly a month since the last time you posted. time flewww

    i hope time at skool would fly by faster

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