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Haha have you ever saw the.. man I forget what movie it is.  It s either one of the “Scary Movies” 1-4 by the Wayans Brothers or it is in the “Scream” and the guy in the black weird mask always is saying Wassuuuppp!!!!!!  Anyways I just got sooooo off topic.

I was searching information on Sims 3 on some website and don’t you hate it when weird ads pop up that say “Start losing weight TODAY!!” or “I lost 25 lbs. by following this simple rule” , but the ones I hate are the teeth ones!! The people’s teeth be looking soo nasty, like some people have braces, but no one has teeth as bad as this.. I hope! –>>
Picture 3
The teeth aren’t half as bad as some, but who has lips that black!! Looks like you have been eating charcoal or something… nasty.  :mrgreen:

Well I have “Sims Life Stories” for Windows. . It sucks.. because I am always on the Mac and the Windows computer goes really slow.  I have been looking up information on the Sims 3 and according to most it came out June 2nd [which means it has been out for some while] and now I want it!!!  I have decided I am going to sell “Sims Life Stories” and use the money I get from that and some extra money to buy Sims 3 since it looks way better anyways!!  Plus Sims 3 you can play on Mac and Windows!! Awesomeness!!

During the last two weeks of school we had a language arts assignment.  We had to write a short story. When I start writing stories I get into them.  My story is called “Unique” and I decided to make it a mix in between the movie “Hancock” [featuring Will Smith] and “Twilight” [featuring Robert Pattinson,Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart] . The story should’ve been like one piece of notebook paper front and back, but mine is like eight pages long front and back. It is very good and when I finish it, I will type it up and put it on the site.

Big ups to Twilight for taking home most of the awards they were nominated for at the MTV Movie Awards 2009. Oh and didn’t you just love Hayden Panettiere’s and the Orbit guy’s performance!! I loved it oh and Miley Cyrus’s too for accepting best song in a movie!! “I’m dropping 35,I’m dropping 35,I’m dropping 35,that’s no jive! ”
“You are just one bubblegum wrapper above Hayden Panettiere, in a second I’ll have you covered in sh** like the kid off of Slumdog Millionaire!”

If you have Slumdog Millionaire you will remember the flashback when Jamal Malik jumped in the pile of “sh**” to get the one guy’s autograph.


Peace for now. I will try to update everyday!!
To Puppyscruffy : Thanks and I really don’t need advertisement, just like maybe tell people I am back because my website was actually very popular [surprised??] … but thanks for all the support you are showing and haha the confetti was a great touch to the excitement.
To Gardenax: Yeah I did delete most of the people on my blog and wow your still in school!? 😆 I have been out. Too bad for all the people still in. Thanks for all the page ideas, I might use some, and yeah I did delete most of the pages. If you don’t get comments you shouldn’t be there.
To Umph: 😆 Yeah I love Hot Topic!! I got a Twilight poster from there and a pair of blue and pink Draven shoes that you can see on their site. My dad sells cars and when he sells another one he is taking me to get more outfits and I am going there first and then Dots.A contest page?? About what though?? Like a re-opening contest maybe. The art page sounds good, but I don’t have a camera [besides webcam that uploads stuff the wrong way] so it may not be that good. GOOD IDEA THOUGH!!
To Chloe: Yeah I am back!! Thanks for the support!!!

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7 Responses to “Pictures.Sims 3.New pages.Comments/Replies.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Yay your site is back! I used to get ideas from you and used to visit the site regulary. Congrats on 50,000 hits. I’ll also put you on my blogroll 🙂

  2. gardenax Says:

    Hey, I’m planning a Summer Party, and everyone is invited. I will be hiring two hosts for the party. So if you wanna sign up you can by leaving a comment on the post.

    The summer party will be on Club Penguin, and if you can’t make it, I’ll understand, you can always come in other parties I have.

    More information at:

    Thank you.

    ~ |Global|

  3. drkshadow17 Says:

    rofl, i agree. wohs lips r that black???

    haha, i talk a lot on posts sometimes too 🙂

  4. drkshadow17 Says:

    rofl, i agree. wohs lips r that black???

    haha, i talk a lot on posts sometimes too 🙂
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  5. drkshadow17 Says:

    uhm….okay? and you are…………?

  6. gardenax Says:


  7. elly Says:

    I have braces they’e annoying!

    shyshy6510: I have good teeth 🙂

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