Some new things for you!! ツ


Well then….

Some new stuff is coming your waayyy!!!!!! ツ Be prepared!!

Give me some ideas for pages??

Give me some support!!! ツ

When you guys leave me comments I am not going to reply to them in the comments.  I will leave a section under each post for replies to questions or even statements!!

I love all you guys for being there for me and STILL visiting after I said that I might quit.

Love you lots.

Whats your favorite type of yogurt???

Reply to Drk: Wow you guys get out real late.. you guys probably go back later than we do though ツ soooo lucky!!! And thanks for giving me support and I am happy that you’re happy that I am back!!


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8 Responses to “Some new things for you!! ツ”

  1. Puppyscruffy Says:

    omg yaaaaayz!
    *throws confeti into da air*
    so glad ur back shyshy!
    ill b glad to offer my support and even … *drumroll!!* ADVERTISE!
    lol i no, im so nice 😀
    -Scruffz wuz here

  2. gardenax Says:

    It’s about time. I was hoping you won’t quit this blog. But obviously you will quit next year or something, like everyone does. To me, my blog barely matters to me. All week is just Chobots, Me-time, Art, Designing, Composing Stories, and mostly, homework, homework, homework.

    Lol you deleted most of the people on your blogroll.


  3. gardenax Says:

    Also I think it’s a great idea to removed most of the pages on your blog. It’s a great way to refresh your blog. Here are some pages you can make.

    Random Sentenses Used To Annoy Your Friends


  4. gardenax Says:

    you choose, you dont have to use them.

  5. :D Umph :D Says:

    Hmm…make some art pages! That way people will know you’re creative and come back again!

    Make a contest page!

    That’s all i have…im kinda stupid right now, sorry XD

  6. Chloe Says:

    Ohh, nice (: and… yayy!! yur back :mrgreen:

  7. Lissanoel Says:

    w00t! 😀 happy you’re back!

  8. drkshadow17 Says:

    I go back like September 6th or 7th. sometime around dat

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