My dream


Last night my cousin, Isaul, stayed tonight. We were on the computer for quite a while and stayed up until 2:00am.  We woke up at 12:00pm in the morning to my grandma calling reminding us to do the dishes. 😆 I wasn’t even up so I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower. Changed into a brown shirt that has flowers along the bottom and some blue capris and put my hair back up in a clip. OKAY That is too much information, but anyways here is my dream.

My dream-

Okay well I don’t remember the beginning, but I know most of the dream was great and fantabulous…. just like me! Ok well the first day of my dream I had came out of school with 2 of my friends. There was this big dog and this guy couldn’t really keep control of it. We were walking and like 30 feet later the dog ran toward us. We discovered like these steps that went down and there was this little house and at the top was this red door like thing that you could peek out of. It was sorta like a fort.. like maybe something the army would use just more kiddish. The house was cool though and we hid there until we couldn’t see the dog no more. The next day I remember that I was walking down the hallway and some dude hit my butt and then I turned around and 😆 found out it was actually a very cute guy that I think I recognize from my school. Boy is he sexy. Anyways…. I notice the guy next to him. It was my boyfriend from 5th grade. He had moved that year and I cried my eyes out like there was no tomorrow because he was one of the firsts and the cutest of them. I loved him. I hugged him sooo hard and almost started crying when I saw him in the hallway.. and maybe he just didn’t recognize me. He was in band when he was in 5th grade and I found out he was still in band ((just like me)) so I got even more excited. I told him I would catch up later. I saw these two girls who were new and didn’t know where to go so I tried to help them. The room they were looking for wasn’t there and we ended up getting lost. We were in this dusty room filled with cobwebs and these 2 guys popped up out of no where. The one was my age and I think liked me, but he tried to wrestle me. We wrestled. Then we were walking upstairs and like this snake with legs was chasing us up the steps. Weird.. yea I know. Then we went outside and this 3 foot tyrannosaurus rex was chasing me, but the guy who liked me was holding him back while I ran up the stairs. I found the band room and it was dark and no one was in there. So I went upstairs and found out there was a dance that wasn’t planned.. I guess. I went to the dance and sat by myself before I saw Zach which is a boy I use to have a crush on in 5th that moved. Him and his friend were flirting with me like soooo much. I couldn’t find Tyler ((my old boyfriend)) and I ended up walking home crying my eyes out because that was the only time I could really see him and I wasted that chance and then on top of that he looked older and everything. 😦

What do you think of my dream??

Here are some things I found in my new issue of “Seventeen” magazine about interpreting your dreams.

Kissing- If you find yourself smooching someone like Harry Potter then that means you think he is cool and wouldn’t mind having some of his traits. If you find yourself kissing someone you know that means you want to feel more connected to him or her.

Driving a car- A car represents your body and how you see yourself. If it’s falling apart, you may need to take a sick day! If you are in the passenger seat that means someone is driving you crazy!!

Getting a gift- Getting a gift means you’re feeling deserving of good things and you want more to come your way. Some might come.

Being at a party- ((I was at one)) It could be about how your handling your friendship problems, but if you if there are drugs and alcohol that means that you are not dealing with problems that are bothering you.

Graduating- Maybe you have made over a really big problem or maybe you are actually graduating soon.

To Sam: Thanks and haha you used to get ideas from me!? Funny. Thanks for the support!
To Lissanoel: Thanks for the support!
To Garedenax: Nah sorry buddy I am sorta done with clubpenguin. I missed like 2 parties and like 3 pins.
To Drk: Yeah who has lips that black!?? I feel sorry for them! I love talking on posts that’s why we have them right. I go back around August 20th.
To Makee3: Did what?


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3 Responses to “My dream”

  1. Dexter333 Says:

    YAY your back but i wont be back for bout 2 weeks, im still in school! Of course with lots of tests so im studying……
    cya then!


  2. makee3 Says:


    Thanks Shy!

  3. drkshadow17 Says:

    thats one odd dream 😀 i dont dream often. the last i dreamed was like….last year

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