Whats up!?


What’s up people!?

Nothing has really happened for me. My bestie stayed tonight last night. She was on Myspace IM and talked to the guy who likes me and he thought she was me and she ended up getting me a boyfriend. Haha pure proof THIS one could never be ugly. 🙂

How has your summer been? Any good things planned.. anything get cancelled??

I am getting micros when I see my mom. I am getting them done with my own hair because I got that much to do that.

Picture 2

Has anything changed with you?? Physically or emotionally??

If you wanna see updated pictures of me go to myspace.com/dumbo_lvr

Love the fans!! Peace!!

I love the song Every girl ((Very nasty song)) By Lil Wayne and the song Phone Home By Lil Wayne.

And if you feel like your the best gone head and do the weezy weezy phone home


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2 Responses to “Whats up!?”

  1. drkshadow17 Says:



  2. JJ Says:

    How come your about page says you are 12 but your myspace says you are 20 years old. Wow you age fast!

    §h¥tabúløú§ Fєєl!n Fabúløú§ ツ

    20 years old
    a place where you arent, Ohio
    United States

    Last Login: 6/17/2009

    Mood: (none).

    shyshy6510: because there is an age limit for myspace

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